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Congratulations to so many new moms-to-be who entered the Super Baby Food giveaway.
There’s nothing more miraculous than a new life.
May you all have happy, healthy new little munchkins!

And congratulations to Nikki, the winner of Super Baby Food!

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Nikki, please email your complete mailing address to MyWiseMom at gmail dot com.
You have 48 hours to touch base with me before I need to move along to a new winner.

If you didn’t win but are still wanting to get your hands on the book, check out Amazon.

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After a summer of watering and harvesting, it’s time to (almost) close up shop. We’ve been through it all: Pre-plantingPlantedGrowing, and Harvest. Our kale will continue to grow through the fall, but the tomatoes and cucumbers are (sadly) seeing their last sunny days. We’ve had a good run, and this last harvest produced enough tomatoes to make more than 150 ounces of pasta sauce! (Recipe link below.)

We still have 6 cucumbers on the vine. Once those are gone, it’s game over.


Our jalapeños went CRAZY this summer! They grew in bunches and wouldn’t quit. So proud of those little hot peppers.


This picture was taken a few days ago and these babies (all 3) are now double the size of this. Kales likes cool weather. I think it enhances the taste, as well. Who knew?! (Yes, I know something is eating it, but I refuse to spray. Tiny holes don’t bother me!)


My little helpers were so awesome! Finn needs to be in a gardening class. He refuses to eat tomatoes, but dude-o LOVES to pick them… and put bugs in his “bug box.”


In fact, look what Finn found!  The littlest tomato!

Littlest Tomato

This was the last ginormous bounty of Sweet 100s. I’ve picked several batches in the last few weeks that were double and triple this size. If you love sweet little tomatoes and like to share, plant a Sweet 100 plant next year. Unreal!

Loot 2

And this was the last gigantic pick of the Beefsteak tomatoes…


… which turned into pasta sauce! Justin followed a recipe from Buzzfeed to create this insanely delicious sauce.

Pasta Sauce


Next year I will plant most of the same seeds, but I know how better to layout the space to optimize what I now know needs more room. More room for cucumbers with a trellis, no green peppers, 1 Sweet 100, 1 regular tomato, peas/carrots/lettuce, 1 jalapeño, kale variety. I might add beets and onions, too. Now to put this all on paper :)

Tell me about your gardens. Are things slowing down? What changes will you make next spring/summer?



  1. Katie K says

    My garden is still going strong, though this is the last weekend for us, too. :( Although, there are batches of that delicious sounding tomato sauce in my Sunday future! Thanks for the link. By the way, I know you are an “oiler”, did you see this from the YLEO blog? I didn’t have a need for it, but from what I understand, it works really well. Maybe keep in mind for next year?

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