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The more I’ve learned about the quality of our food, the more important it is to me to teach Finn about healthy choices from the start.  We are far from perfect in this area, but we are doing what we can to ensure Finn isn’t raised on processed food, sugar and fat.  I remember an amazing post from our good friends, Dave and Sarah, who blog over at 1 Cup Awesome (and awesome they are)!  They wrote about how they get their kids to eat.  It stuck with me, and in fact, we use many of their suggestions with Finn.

My favorite is the rule of trying everything on your plate. Cleaning your plate is not the goal, but making an effort to eat new foods is huge! Now when we ask Finn to “try” XYZ new item, he (usually) responds with, “okay, just one.”  Dave and Sarah’s suggestions are simple and they’ve worked swimmingly for us.  In fact, you’ll see some of their suggestions play out in Finn’s video below!

From time to time we make homemade blueberry oatmeal pancakes for Finn.  These don’t look allll that appetizing, believe me!  Just think of blue-ish, purple-ish, oaty circles.  Gag. But, when Finn helps make them, he gobbles them up.  When Finn gets to choose “green or pink” apples from the grocery store, he’s bound to ask for them all week long.  And he helped devour a carton of snap peas last week after he saw them in the store and wanted to “try these.”  Okay by me!

How do you teach your kids about nutrition and healthy eating?  How do you get them to eat things they may not want to eat but you know are good for them?  

I’d love to learn from you!




  1. Kristin says

    Love this one…we really try hard to share with our kids the importance of healthy. My secret to having good eaters is that I don’t make more than one meal. If they don’t like what I make they have to eat some, but they don’t get anything else. When my little sam started not to eat her morning banana I put it in smoothies with other fruits and then she will drink it. It’s funny b/c when i make a smooothie with lots of green fuits and spinach they want one too..I don’t hide from them that there is spinach in there, but they r more likely to drink it iup rather than eat it.

    • kerrywise says

      We do this, too, with smoothies! Such a great way to get their f/v in. We call them “Green Monsters” or “Green Machines” sometimes which Finn thinks is hilarious.


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