Pumpkin Picking at the Orchard


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You’ve heard me say this a million times: Wills Family Orchard is one of our favorite places in Iowa. We picked organic apples earlier this yearvisited for pumpkins in 2011 and returned last year. It’s magic. You can see heaven shining down, right? :)


We threw the kids in the car and drove off to Adel last weekend on an incredible fall day. The air was amazingly crisp and fall-like. We grabbed our cart and were off in search of the biggest (Justin), the oddest (me), the tiniest (Evie) and the most superhero-like (Finn) pumpkins.

J pulling

Finn was in heaven.  Evie… a little unsure…

Kids in Patch

Daddy found the perfect big guy that Finn helped snatch.


I hunted a long time for the most odd pumpkin. As I shared Friday, I was in search of the pumpkin no one else would want to take home, the “charity case” as Justin so kindly said :)  It was actually quite hard to find as these were some pretty perfect fall pumpkins!


Once we found our chosen ones, we headed out of the patch, ready for some hot apple cider and fresh apple cider donuts prepared in the country store.

Finn and Evie

Heading Home

We waited patiently while Justin went into the store for those amazing treats!


And we came home with these beauties…

Pumpkins and Gourds

In addition to the “duck-like” gourd (hilarious), the big Green Machine has to be my favorite. I told you I’d find the best :)

Pumpkin Family

I’m serious when I say this was the only abnormal pumpkin I could find. She’s my beauty queen!

Green Machine

There’s no place like Wills for your fall pumpkin patch fix! Check it out, locals!




  1. says

    We grabbed a pumpkin and a few gourds on our trip there a couple weeks ago! I picked the bumpiest one I could find. Definitely a good one! And Kaydin pointed out that duck gourd!! ha! Can’t say for certain it is the same one, but sure looks like it!

  2. kathrine says

    Looks like fun! We hit the pumpkin farm this weekend too. I think the face painting was definitely the kiddos highlight! Oh, and the pony rides!

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