Chemical-free Cleaning with Norwex

I use a handful of products to clean our house, mainly Thieves Cleaner (order through Young Living), Honest Company, and Norwex.

Today I want to share some information from my friend Teresa, who is also a Norwex consultant.  I bought a “pack” of cloths from her years ago that I still use today.  What I love most about these cloths is that they don’t require any extra cleaners.  I clean my windows and mirrors with water and the cloth. Same goes for sinks and countertops. I also have the dust mitt that requires no “polish” or Pledge-like oil.  I find this mitt is extra helpful in our new house with railings and spindles in the entryway.


I’ve always been curious about other Norwex products and how they work, so I asked her to tell me more. As I started reading, it only made sense to share her information with all of you in case you’re heard about or wondered about how Norwex works.

Here’s Teresa…

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Once you start using Norwex to clean your home, you’ll never go back to the old way of cleaning!

Cleaning with Norwex will:

  • Save you TIME – a more efficient way to clean your entire home.
  • Save you MONEY – eliminate disposable cleaning chemicals & tools.
  • Improve your HEALTH – reduce exposure to toxins in common household cleaners .
  • Improve the health of our EARTH – durable, effective, reusable products mean less waste & compromise to the health of our planet.

Norwex products work so well! They make cleaning fast, easy, and well, actually FUN! Norwex products use Antibac (antibacterial) microfiber that allows you to clean with just water. I’m able to clean my house and get streak-free windows with just water, and in a fraction of the time it used to take. It’s especially great for anyone with children, allergies, asthma, or pets, because you are able to dramatically reduce the chemical usage in your home.

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 3.14.23 PMOne of the most popular products (and the kit Kerry uses) is the household package which includes one enviro cloth, one window cloth and one dust mitt. No chemicals or additional solvents required.  Just these 3 cloths and water! You will be amazed how clean your windows will be with simply water and how long your furniture will stay dust-free by using the dust mitt.

3 Piece Kit

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Over the next week, Teresa will be joining me online for a special “My Wise Mom meets Norwex” virtual party.  Join our Facebook event and learn more about one product every day.  Teresa will help answer questions and share videos of how the products actually work. (You must JOIN the event to see the posts and product videos.)

Shopping online is easy by going to: At checkout you will be asked, ‘Should we credit this order to a Norwex Host?’ Click on ‘Yes, help me find my host’, and enter: Kerry Wise. The order will be shipped directly to you.

Please place your order by Thursday, August 28th and join this Facebook event now!

Back to School With Essential Oils (Part 1)

All the pictures of kids heading back to school this week has made me want to buy a new outfit and paint my nails! Don’t you remember trying to look your absolute best going back to school, only to wear sweats (hello, seniors) and high pony tails the following week?

Back to school time is such a great time of year.  It’s filled with a freshness and a newness that fall is coming and opportunities are endless!  It also means a host of new germs, schedules, and stress.

As you send your kids back to school, I want to share a handful of essential oils you might want to consider having on hand for the upcoming year.

Back to School

I apply these oils directly to my kids (unless indicated), but I would encourage you to use a carrier oil if they don’t like the feel of a particular oil on their skin or if it makes you more comfortable to dilute the oils. A carrier oil would be a fatty oil like coconut oil or almond oil. I would use 1-2 drops of oil per teaspoon oil to dilute, more or less according to your needs.

Immune Support


Thieves: Thieves is one of the best immunity boosting oils! We use Thieves on the bottoms of the kids feet before heading out anywhere with lots of germs, especially at the beginning of the school year when kids are exposed to a host of new germs. I have also used this topically undiluted for my own case of strep throat. (Without question, dilute Thieves if using on your kids throats as the cinnamon bark oil would be irritating for a child.) Check out 101 Uses for Thieves Oil.

NingXia Red: I drink 1-2 ounces of NingXia Red every day, and share it with the kids if they want some or are feeling under the weather. NingXia Red is a powerful antioxidant drink that contains whole Ningxia wolfberry puree—a super blend of blueberry, aronia, cherry, pomegranate, and plum juices, natural stevia extract, grape seed extract, pure vanilla extract, and orange, yuzu, lemon, and tangerine essential oils.

Sickness (colds/flu/coughs)


Lemon: This is a wonderful detoxifying oil. When our kids are stuffy or have gunk built up that needs to break up and get out of their system, we apply lemon to their chest.

RC: RC stands for respiratory congestion. I often use this in conjunction with lemon and Thieves. It’s great for respiratory congestion, sore throats, sinus problems, coughs and bronchitis.

Melaleuca: This is my go-to for anything bacterial or fungus related. It’s one I love having on hand for everyone in the house. Uses include toenail fungus or athlete’s foot (think locker rooms), rashes, ringworm, earaches, flu, and tonsillitis.

Tummy Aches


DiGize: I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Justin owns his own business. I do not exaggerate when I share that every time he has had a major product release or important meeting, on that day someone in our house pukes. Every.single.time! The kids endured the brunt of it in the old house. In our new house, the load seems to have fallen on me. DiGize saved my sanity on two different occasions when both kids (on a product launch day) were puking left and right. One application of DiGize on their tummies and the worst was behind us. I’ll be honest – it smells horrible – but it’s one of those oils I am so glad to have on hand for the “what if” moments.  DiGize is great for food poisoning, diarrhea (counter clockwise on stomach), constipation (clockwise on stomach), IBS, gas, cramping, heartburn, and stomach bugs/virus. Do not be stuck without this in your oils cabinet because we all know: kids puke at the worst times!

Peppermint: Ever wondered why restaurants serve mints post-meals? Hint: they aren’t concerned about your breath. Fact: they want to help you avoid the indigestion that is soon to follow your meal. Peppermint is fantastic for soothing indigestion and heartburn. It’s also great for nausea and nasal congestion. Know this oil is cooling, so only use 1-3 drops and apply with a carrier oil in children. (Sidenote: I also use 1 drop peppermint in the kids belly button if they are running a high, high fever. I have only had to do this once with Evie.)

Restful Sleep


Peace and Calming: This is one of my all-time favorite oils! It smells like sleep to me at this point! It’s incredibly soothing and relaxing. This would be a great oil for kids as they head back to the classroom and need to get to bed earlier and have a restful night of sleep. Peace and Calming is also used frequently for panic attacks, teeth grinding, colicky babies and for those dealing with ADD and ADHD.

Lavender: Lavender is the #1 soothing smell for most people. People tend to have deeper, more restful sleep when lavender is used at night. Lavender oil is also considered the Swiss Army knife of oils, as it’s great for a variety of concerns including: bites, rashes, cuts, sun burns, eczema, dermatitis, seasonal allergies, hay fever, and burns. When in doubt, I use lavender!  

Roman Chamomile: Children and adults favor the smell of Roman Chamomile as it smells to many like sweet apples. It is helpful for sleep, depression, shock, and ADHD.

Tranquil: Tranquil is a roll-on. It makes sense that people like this for rest as this blend includes both Lavender and Roman Chamomile. This is a great relaxing and soothing oil for good sleep.


Next Friday we will focus on back to school oils specific to anxiety, studying and mental focus, and alertness.

If you are interested in buying any of the oils listed, please refer to these ordering directions.

*** I am not a doctor. I do not diagnose, prescribe or treat ailments. The suggestions of the products we use or friends have used do not replace the advice of your doctor. ***

My Mommy Mind

Pony Rides

  • We had a crazy, fun weekend in KC celebrating my toothless goddaughter turning SEVEN! Where does the time go?! In addition to the pony, there was a unicorn… a real, live unicorn! Finny even rode the unicorn (lovingly named Kate). Talk about all your wildest little kid dreams coming true! Both kids crashed for a bit on the drive home… win for me!
  • The car ride home went much smoother than the ride to KC.  Evie… who was suppose to be napping… decided instead to put on a chorus line show, complete with made-up songs like “I’m Spaghetti” and “I’m Super Girl.”  She also started hollering “Merry Christmas” at the top of her lungs. My threats to not attend the birthday party and “turn this car around” shockingly fell on deaf ears.


  • The kids had dentist appointments last week. We made it without tears or whines or sadness.  In fact, they asked to go back the next day. We’ve come a looooong way since Finn’s first 2 appointments!  Apparently Evie still does not have her 2 year molars, which are coming in now. I’ll chalk her recent sassiness up to “teething” :)
  • I can’t believe kids are heading back to school this week. Didn’t summer just begin? I thankfully have another few weeks with the Finnster before he begins. We’re going to enjoy the quiet parks and kids spots for the rest of the month.

What has been the highlight of your summer? For me, I’ve loved having the freedom to do so many things this summer. Last summer Evie was still napping in the morning, so we were hostage until she woke. This summer we were free to roam and tried to each morning!