My Mommy Mind

Evie 2

  • My littlest little is now TWO! Details on her big day soon! She is desperate to ride bikes anytime we are outside with Finn. She’s too big for anything we currently have, which made her birthday gift from Justin and me an easy choice: an Evie-sized tricycle. She cheered!
  • Evie’ birthday and birthday party had to be (very) rearranged due to some insane stomach alien that knocked Justin and I flat last week. It should be illegal for parents to get so sick. Thankfully we are back to 100%!
  • If you were able to join our Essential Oils webinar last week, I thank you!  I’ve had such great chats with many of you over email. Please contact me if you have additional questions. I hope to do additional webinars based on the feedback.
  • Have you noticed any changes around My Wise Mom recently? :) After lots of behind the scenes work, the new logo and design is finally live!
  • Jess Creatives gets a double high five (and a heart) for the new logo. Jess was amazing to work with and really “got” the vibe of the blog. She and her husband are actually in the process of making amazing health and lifestyle changes, so it was extra fun to work with her on this journey!
  • Justin’s team is responsible for the site redesign. His team was working on the layout piece and put some “fillers” in that I just loved. It quickly evolved into what you see on the page.

Thank you for the patience during the last several weeks. From moving to sickness to blog changes to webinar planning, so many “outside” things were fighting for my time and blog posts simply had to take a temporary backseat. I’m slowly getting into my “new normal” in our new house, so let the “new normal” begin! What are you most looking forward to this spring? 

My Mommy Mind

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 1.58.29 PM

  • It’s official. We’ve moved! Justin left for a conference not even 24 hours after moving in… to Hawaii! So, my mom and I mad unpacked and got the house as settled as possible. We’re still trying to get rested, figure out where we unpacked certain items and remember what each light switch actually does. That said, we are so happy and so, so fortunate for a million puzzle pieces to have all perfectly put this picture together for us!
  • Tomorrow is my first essential oils webinar. Be sure to register today!  I’m incredibly excited to share with you and really tickled by how many of you are interested to learn more. Here’s the natural health remedies!
  • Have you ever thought about how freakishly strong your pinky finger actually is? I know this is super random, but I was carrying THREE grocery bags with my pinky finger the other day and stood there in amazement. Too weird?
  • Evie turns TWO this week! My little sassy pistol. Sometimes I think I’m starring in a mirror when we go head to head. Justin regularly says, “you two are going to have EPIC battles.” I know her strong will is going to serve her well in her lifetime. No one will be walking over this little sass bucket. But at 2, all it equates to is grey hair, chocolate cravings and perhaps an ulcer. Read about Evie’s birth story and our first moments with her.

I know FROZEN is all the rage right now. Do I dare tell you all I haven’t seen it? I’ve seen parts, but not the whole thing. Am I damaging my kids? Must I shell out the $$ for this show? How amazing is it, really??

Moving Day

Today is moving day. Today is wildly bittersweet.

We leave the house I love today, the house that became home to our family of four. We’ll venture down the road a few miles to our new house, the one I know we will eventually make home. I could list off 100 reasons why we love our new house, but today, it doesn’t matter. Today I’m focused on the 100 reasons I love this home, the house that will by sunset be occupied by a new family.

This is the house both our babies came “home” to. It’s the house they learned to walk in, to talk in, to eat in. It’s the house we went through allergic food reactions. It’s the house I nursed in for countless hours rocking in a nursery chair. It’s the house Santa first visited. It’s the house I will probably always love the most… because it’s in this house we became a family.

In addition to the family memories, leaving here is incredibly bittersweet because we’ve had the most amazing neighbors. I don’t think this house would be as special if it weren’t for the people around us who made this such a fun place to live. Fourth of July parties, swapping kids, borrowing eggs, plastic pool parties, bike riding in the circle. This neighborhood has been awesome to us as a young family.

Our neighbors across the street, Perry and Carrie, were actually in our wedding. Emilie, our neighbor down the way, was one of my first friends when I moved to Des Moines. Her husband, Reid, finished our basement and is idolized by Finn.

And then there’s my next door neighbor, Jennie. She’s become more than my neighbor, she’s my dear friend. I am the most sad about leaving her. Her husband and kids are great, but I just love her :) They are – hands down – the best neighbors you could ever have, the ones you dream about when you’re disliking your current ones. The ones you can run over to in your PJs and grab something. The ones you can text and say, “I need to run an errand – can you take my kids,” and the answer is always “absolutely!” The ones who call you when they think their house is burning only to find a sock stuck in the light. (True story.)

I hope the new owners understand what a sweet deal they are getting. A finished basement, new windows and a sandbox can be put in at any house, but you can’t pick your neighbors. And these people are the best.

Plus, I’ll tell you what, if our new neighborhood sucks, I’m bullying my away back into this circle :)

Today is moving day. Today is wildly bittersweet.