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  • After the majority said it was a “MUST-SEE,” we jumped on the Frozen train. The kids loved it! Friday night we were in Kansas City for a cousin-fest. The kids started the show at 7p (bedtime) and had bug eyes all the way until the end. They were with their fav cousins… the only time in life we have ever bent bedtime rules. (And we paid dearly the next day, I might add! Dearly.)
  • Cousins need to grow up with one another, yes? We’re so lucky our kids and my cousins kids are so close. They played without a single incident non-stop! Nothing better!
  • Justin was obsessed with watching Wrestlemania last night. What did I learn? Two things. One, it’s still fake and terribly ridiculous. Two, Maria Menounos was once part of the WWE. Who knew?
  • Need an amazing gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free breakfast bar that will not disappoint? Check out these Raspberry Crumble Bars. We made them this weekend for cousin time (opt for the coconut oil option) and I honest to goodness haven’t stopped thinking about them! So fantasitc!

What menu item (entree, dessert, snack, etc.) have you been craving lately or making over and over?  We need some fresh ideas at our house!

Evie Turns Two!

Our littlest rascal, Evie, is officially a toddler. From the moment I laid eyes on her to reflecting on her birth story, I should have known I’d met my match. This girl is filled with sass, spunk, drama and sweetness. She’s all-girl, can hold her own, and knows exactly what she wants and what she likes. She challenges me more than Finn ever has and reminds me how BIG such SMALL things can be to little people.

“No, Ev, you can’t touch the raw chicken until it’s cooked…”  :::  ”Whhhhyyyyyy???” followed by hysterics and tears for 20 minutes. I often remind myself that her spitfire attitude will serve her well in life. She will stand her ground, not be pushed around, and make solid choices. In the meantime, as her mother, it creates grey hair and mad chocolate cravings. (Somewhere, my parents are laughing.)

Her BFF Jennie (ahem, my friend Jennie who Evie idolizes) gave her this perfect little girl necklace. She hasn’t taken it off. In fact, after a bath the first thing she does is point to it and demand, “ON!”


We woke up Friday morning to Chippy visiting us for this special birthday! Who knew your Elf could return for birthdays?  Target, of course.


We spent most of the day at home as Justin had the stomach alien that took over my life about 48 hours earlier.  I was on “sickness watch” to ensure Finn and Evie showed zero sign of the pukies. Thankfully, we were in the clear.


We visited with Justin’s grandma, the kids great grandma, that morning. How lucky that my kids have THREE great-grandmas who are so eager to spend time with them? (Photo Credit to IGE.)

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 3.05.22 PM

Evie’s birthday party had to be rearranged due to the YUCK in our house. Instead of a morning party with both sides of the family, we scrubbed the house clean in the morning and did a small gathering with Justin’s family that afternoon.  Evie will celebrate with my family in a few weeks. Lucky for her, I suppose, as she gets multiple celebrations!

Finn was the gift opening helper and did a great job.  He did let her open the gift he got her solo… princess board books!


She was thrilled with so many new toys… and so much PINK!


We were thrilled to celebrate the amazingness that is Evie!


After a wish…


… and a chow down session…


(Cupcake, anyone?)


… it was time to cheese it up and show everyone just how much spunk is wrapped up in our littlest Evie.


Never a dull moment in this house!


Here’s to year two, Evie! We love you oodles and oodles!


My Mommy Mind

Evie 2

  • My littlest little is now TWO! Details on her big day soon! She is desperate to ride bikes anytime we are outside with Finn. She’s too big for anything we currently have, which made her birthday gift from Justin and me an easy choice: an Evie-sized tricycle. She cheered!
  • Evie’ birthday and birthday party had to be (very) rearranged due to some insane stomach alien that knocked Justin and I flat last week. It should be illegal for parents to get so sick. Thankfully we are back to 100%!
  • If you were able to join our Essential Oils webinar last week, I thank you!  I’ve had such great chats with many of you over email. Please contact me if you have additional questions. I hope to do additional webinars based on the feedback.
  • Have you noticed any changes around My Wise Mom recently? :) After lots of behind the scenes work, the new logo and design is finally live!
  • Jess Creatives gets a double high five (and a heart) for the new logo. Jess was amazing to work with and really “got” the vibe of the blog. She and her husband are actually in the process of making amazing health and lifestyle changes, so it was extra fun to work with her on this journey!
  • Justin’s team is responsible for the site redesign. His team was working on the layout piece and put some “fillers” in that I just loved. It quickly evolved into what you see on the page.

Thank you for the patience during the last several weeks. From moving to sickness to blog changes to webinar planning, so many “outside” things were fighting for my time and blog posts simply had to take a temporary backseat. I’m slowly getting into my “new normal” in our new house, so let the “new normal” begin! What are you most looking forward to this spring?