Doing Whole30 Without Your Family

The Whole30 process is wild, to put it mild. Throw in another adult and two children who are NOT doing the program and meal time can get tricky… if you let it :)  Here are my thoughts and tips on successfully completing Whole30 while your family eats normally.


1. Join in. If your family is willing to jump on the journey, let them! I have a friend who did the Whole30 with his entire family… wife and 3 children ages 5-9. What they experienced together was incredible. They were also at a point with some health issues for their kids. It was in the children’s best interest to address their diet and see if that helped before going down a deeper more invasive medical road.  By the end of Whole30, he told me their kids wanted to continue eating the Whole30 way and most of the medical concerns were healing. Inspiring!

2. Explain. If your family is not joining you, explain what you are doing and why, mostly to your significant other. They can’t support you if they don’t understand you. Although Justin wasn’t doing Whole30, he was incredibly supportive. He ate Whole30 along with me at dinner and make “Whole30 approved” smoothies for me in the morning. Take a deep breath if anyone gets defensive along the way or criticizes these 30 days. Until you go through the process, you can’t fully grasp the range of feelings and emotions (and sometimes hanger!) that accompanies you.

3. Prepare. If you are going to be making something different for your children, keep it very similar. Perhaps add brown rice or whole wheat pasta to their dinner, but don’t make a completely different meal, if possible. There is no sense in adding that much work to your plate. For example, I made meatballs several times. I ate the sauce and meatballs with my vegetables, but I made whole wheat pasta for the kids. They had the same meatballs, the same sauce and the same veggies.

4. Breakfast. Our kids ate their usual for breakfast (oatmeal is a crowd favorite).  I made their oatmeal with the standard Wise fixin’s (coconut flakes, chia seeds, honey, almond butter) and then made my breakfast. It wasn’t ideal, but you just make it work, especially due to Finn’s food allergies, he can’t eat a breakfast of just scrambled eggs. My breakfast usually consisted of eggs and/or sausage and veggies or a smoothie. (Favorite Whole30 recipes coming in a future post.)

5. Lunch. Our kids ate their usual lunches; however, I found myself making less and less “super butter” (almond butter) and jelly sandwiches.  In fact, it took us 3 weeks to get through a loaf of bread where between the 4 of us, it was usually gone in 5 days. I was amazed by this! Like breakfast, I found myself eating after the kids were fed and cleaned up which I will change next time.  It will plan better for lunches in the future because it’s an easy meal (for me) to snack and eat the kids left overs as opposed to focusing on quality protein and veggies.

6. Dinner. Dinner was Whole30. There was meat and a vegetable and sometimes fruit for the kids.  Occasionally I made some noodles for the kids (see #3) and just ate the meat, but they never asked for noodles or rice. Not once.  I was really intrigued by this.

7. Variety. Variety is going to be key for keeping your family engaged and not wanting to tear your eyes out! I think doing Whole30 in May was ideal as it’s prime grilling weather and there aren’t too many potluck/BBQs yet to tempt you. I was surprised that since I’ve completed Whole30, my kids have been far more open to different foods. Even if they don’t eat everything, they will try new things they wouldn’t have prior. Finn now asks for sausage in the morning which I’m thrilled with since it gives us some variety. He’s pretty limited on breakfast foods with his allergies. Both of the kids have ended their kale chip boycott and are back to shoveling them in. They also were very open to trying Larabars. Evie loved them and Finn was so-so. We are making homemade ones this weekend. This hands-on work always seems to draw Finn into eating something :)

8. Grace. No question, give yourself grace when it’s overwhelming. It’s hard enough to go about this process of creating meals for yourself, but throw others into the mix, and it can be a lot.  Do what you can and take a deep breath when necessary!

What else are you curious about when it comes to Whole30?

My Mommy Mind

  • Did you have a great weekend? We celebrated with my sister-in-law and brother-in-law over Wallace Farms brats, fruit and kale chips. Is there a better way to celebrate the men in your life other than classic summer staples? The day continued with naps, a long phone chat with my dad, and FaceTime laughs between the kids and Grandma and Grandpa. This summer is shaping up to be fantastic!
  • Last night after a rushed dinner I realized we were fresh out of almond butter, lovingly called “Super Butter” in our house. EEK! We do, however, have oodles and oodles of raw almonds. So what did we do? Pulled out the Vitamix and made fresh almond butter! I can’t begin to tell you how easy this was to make and AMAZING the flavor. So easy and amazing I took it off my shopping list and added “more almonds.”
  • I have 6 webpages pulled up for homemade Larabars recipes. I can’t figure out which flavor to kick-off the party. Do you have a favorite?
  • I’m considering buying a used Broyhill dresser for Evie (excellent condition) to up-cycling for her big girl room. I’m thinking a cream color and updated hardware. Am I out of my mind?
  • Our friends hosted their annual karaoke party Friday night. Do you love karaoke? Justin sang two songs, both highly inappropriate, both hilarious to watch! Do you have a “go-to” song? I was lame. My kids beg me to stop singing, so I’m certain I would have been boo’ed off stage :)



Fantastic Fridays

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! There’s no one quite like dad, right?

My dad grew up outside of Boston. I remember growing up watching Boston-based sports on TV constantly. The Celtics, the Red Sox. I even remember using my boom box to record the Boston Bruins on cassette so my dad could listen to the games later. My dad and I are alike in more ways than you could ever imagine and I’m so lucky to call him my POPS! Happy Father’s Day, DAD!!


Also, a super Happy Father’s Day to the best dad possible to our kids. These kids honest to goodness have no clue how lucky they are!


No matter where and how you are celebrating this weekend, let’s raise a glass to all our dads!  And after you’ve sipped on that, check out the most fantastic online finds. Click the blue “Fantastic” link to go directly to the source page.

Fantastic YUM: Color never looked so good! This is so simple and so insanely drool-worthy. I guarantee we will be making these over the weekend!


Fantastic Look: There are people in the world who are just amazing at design. If I had a million dollars, I would pay someone to put everything in its perfect place like this. Simple and sweet.


Fantastic Mix: We are a pretty green smoothie family, but the color of this smoothie makes it a perfect candidate for turning into popsicles! And since monthly popsicles are on our summer bucket list, this will be added to the rotation. Plus, Finn is the best helper in the kitchen. He’ll eat up the chance to help make these!


Fantastic Hang-up: Evie is very much ready for a big girl bed. She pretty much snuggles herself into Finn’s bed at prayer and story time each night and then ever-so-polietly says, “bye bye” to me as if she’s found the coziest spot in the world. I’ve been thinking about what we will do in her room and then saw this picture. I just love it! (Although that “f” word tends to be a no-no when there’s more than one child in the house.  Hmmmm….)


Fantastic Truth: Nothing more real than building from the ground up!


Fantastic Setting: We just purchased the blue set of outdoor plates to go with our patio/pergula. All the glass in and out of the house made me nervous, especially with the kids. I love this set so much I almost want to throw my glass away! Our chairs have cushions the green color and we’ve added some overhead paper lanterns. A perfect setting!


Fantastic Reminder: It’s summer and we love the grill as much as the next guy, but everytime we grill hot dogs for the kids, I’m reminded to limit the amount they eat, even the “cleaner” versions. Let’s help our kids develop a healthy, diverse palette!


Fantastic Activity: Finn’s quiet time routine lately has involved transforming into Batman which involves jumping off his bed 900 times in the matter of an hour. I’ve been thinking of these revolving activity boxes for months and just need to pull the trigger. It’s such a great way to get their minds engaged in something quietly for a short time in the afternoon while mom gets some quiet in, too!


Fantastic Nautical: I love nautical things. Anchors. Tall ships. Seashells. Lobsters. May Designs sent me two books last month that I want to frame! I received the 2014 weekly agenda book, as well as the dot grid blank notebook. May Designs actually individually stitches down the spine of each book for an eco-friendly binding solution that’s durable and water-resistant. If you’re not in the market for a notebook, check out their notecards. They are simply divine! I love the Stella & Dot and Radiant Orchid styles for the notecards.


Fantastic Arm Candy: All I can say is: YES PLEASE! How adorable to have your kids little handwriting cover your wrist?! Finn has started making me pictures or writing notes and shoving them under his door during quiet time so when I come to get him, there’s a pile of “Dear Mommy” letters waiting for me. It cracks me up every time I see a little piece of paper outside his door!


Fantastic Convos: Please tell me you’ve seen these. If you need a mood lifter, these videos are IT! They are now up to season 3 so there are hours of fun to enjoy :)

Have a FANTASTIC weekend! What’s on tap?