My Mommy Mind

  • Many of these links consumed my brain cells while we had a little downtime. I saved them to share with all of you. These are worth reading!
  • In a much happier bullet, I have to share Evie’s recent prayer. Usually she lists 4-5 things. This one particular night last week, she didn’t quit. Can’t stop won’t stop, apparently was her motto. “Dear God, thank you for mama and daddy and Finny and Minnie Mouse and the other Minnie Mouse and slippers and Batman and Care Bears and Super Why and princesses and Elsa and the door and my pretzels….” (It continues.) She then launches into the Lord’s Prayer complete with hand motions and award-winning dramatics for “and da powa, and da glow-ry, foreva and eva, AAAMMMEEEENNN!” (End scene.)

Any crazy toddler antics in your worlds lately? I’m always up for feeling sane by hearing what other little nut heads are doing :)


Welcome to 2015… Finally!

Okay, okay, okay. I suppose I fibbed a little. Who noticed?

My intent on getting back to blogging early January simply didn’t happen… clearly.  The craziness of the holiday, the fun of having 2 wild munchkins running around with their heads cut off, the transition back into “real life” just required a little more down time. But, I’m here! I’m finding my “new normal” for 2015 when it comes to blogging, too.

Welcome to 2015… finally! We are gearing up for a fun year in our house and are celebrating the chaos that was the holidays.


So what was the Wise Crew up to during our time off? Here’s the down and dirty:

  • watching Finn perform (stand still) during his school Christmas program
  • celebrating Christmas with both our families
  • holiday nails (the kids flipped!)
  • falling asleep on NYE at 9:15p (pretty sure Justin made it until 10p)
  • getting some house decorating goals accomplished (the mirror and print will not stay)
  • agreeing on plans and color schemes for other rooms (timeline is still debatable)
  • hosting my neighborhood Bunco group
  • Cedar Falls trip with good friends for a UNI basketball game and trip to The OP
  • celebrating my dad’s retirement with a company party
  • flashlight dance parties
  • regular morning stand-off with Evie about wearing pants (our max time was 90 minutes)
  • working on potty trainingimage1

I know I’m probably a day late, but I’d love to hear the highlight of your last month!

My Mommy Mind

  • Christmas Week! We’ve been busy enjoying the season, gearing up for all the fun of this week. We are ready, especially the kids. I’m so excited for Christmas morning, but I don’t want the week to end!
  • My favorite time will likely be Christmas morning this year just because the kids are SO EXCITED. We stay in our PJ’s for hours, make pancakes and just snuggle and play before heading out for the rest of the day.  Let the chaos begin!
  • I will be taking an online hiatus until the New Year. We need this time as a family to rest, recharge, and relax. I’ll be back the week of January 5.
  • A high school friend unexpectedly lost her mother over the weekend. The filled-with-life grandmother to 11 — it’s just heartbreaking. Such a bittersweet reminder to how precious life is and how important to care for those around us. May this season be filled with bountiful reminders of just how lucky you are.
  • I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I look forward to lots more learning and engaging in 2015. Until then…. be healthy!