The Honest Company Review, Part 3

Several folks have asked about other Honest Company products worth their weight in gold, so I wanted to take the time to review a handful of other products we’ve tried and our thoughts.

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Toothpaste (Adults): I have my tried and true clean toothpaste, but I thought I’d try this one.  While it performed its duty, it didn’t leave my mouth feeling “fresh” like you expect post-brush. I’ve tried a variety of other clean toothpastes that left me feeling much more minty than this “fresh mint” version. Once the tube is gone, I will return to my previous toothpaste. (My favorite is Desert Essence Natural Toothpaste: Amazon // Vitacost. If purchasing through Vitacost, if you sign up here, you will receive $10 off your first order.)


Mouthwash: Both Justin and I are currently using this “sweet mint” mouthwash (separate bottles – I share nothing in a bottle or cup). It certainly gives the “minty” taste the toothpaste lacks and it’s not that overly fake mint that many mouthwashes give you.  I give it a solid B.


Glass Cleaner: I go between my Norwex cloth and this cleaner for the glass.  I’ve purchased a bottle to keep in the kids bathroom, as well as a bottle for the main level where we have lots of mirrors and windows. It never fails that the second I clean the bathroom mirrors, someone shoots water, splashes toothpaste or drags their paw prints across my fresh slate. Drives me bonkers. A quick swipe during bath time and I can convince myself the room is still clean. Recently, Honest made a 4 ounce refill concentrate version so you don’t have to keep buying a new bottle each time. Pretty slick.

glass cleaner

Toilet Cleaner: Just as we have the messy mirror problem, we have a toddler boy in the house.  Finn does exceptionally well, but it’s still a little messy for my liking.  I have a bottle in the kids bathroom and our bathroom for quick “in between” cleanings.

toilet cleaner

Sunscreen Stick: This has been my saving grace this summer! My kids are not fans of putting things on their face (can I blame them?).  We used to battle to get sunscreen on their ears, cheeks, nose and chin. I used to negotiate with Finn on hat wearing when we’d be outside for long periods of time. While still not Finn’s favorite moment before a long morning in the sun, we have found a compromise.  I get 5 seconds… yes, he’s allowed me just 5. I count to 5 slowly and mad-apply this to his face. I’m usually done by 4 and we’re off to the sun! Evie is so good about getting this on her mug.

sun stick

Oxy Boost: Smelly towels and workout clothes always need an extra boost, in my opinion.  Between this or a few drops of Purification Essential Oil, this helps get those extra dirty loads clean without bleach or other harsh chemicals.  A bag contains 24 pods.  Since I don’t use a pod in every load, a bag lasts about 3 months for us.


Soothing Bottom Wash: While I have not used this product personally, I have to tell you about my good friend, Jennie, who uses this often.  Her sweet little girl (seriously – this girl is one of my FAVORITE children) has very sensitive skin.  Jennie hasn’t been able to use wipes on her, even gentle/free&clear/organic/natural wipes. For the last year she’s had to use water and cotton balls for this little pumpkin.  I saw this wash and ordered one for her to try.  No reaction!  This is the only product she’s been able to use to change Rowan’s diaper that hasn’t caused her to break out.  So for a very sensitive child, this will well worth a try!

soothing wash

Diaper Rash Cream: The Honest Healing Balm is a fantastic product, but for kids with sensitive skin who need a little something extra for diaper rash, I have 2 friends who swear by this product.  I have not used it, but my friends with super sensitive kiddos have said it has cleared up their kids bums quicker than any other product they have tried.  Another good “have on hand” for sensitive little ones.

rash cream

Are there other Honest products you are curious about?  Let me know as I’d be happy to try a few more products and let you know how they stack up in our house. If you’re new to Honest, one way to try the products and get a feel for what you like best is through the Honest Family Essentials Bundle.

You can choose which 5 products to order (at a discount) and, if you choose, get a 25% discount on 3 additional items. These options also make great gift ideas. The shipment normally resends every 4-6 weeks but customer service will help you extend that, if needed. Sometimes I wait 8-12 weeks between orders and customer service has never given me a hard time for that. You can change the order each shipment, too.

You do need to register before you make a purchase. <<<< —– Use this link to register and receive $10 off your first order. (The $10 coupon can be used toward a $25 minimum purchase and can’t be used on the trial memberships.)

What natural products (Honest or another company) have you tried recently and loved/hated?

My Mommy Mind

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 8.17.47 PM

  • Our awesome nugget nephew turned ONE Saturday. Finn and Evie did not understand why there wasn’t another party Sunday. Perhaps we celebrate too much in this house? Finn called Lincoln “Zarbie” for much of his first year. Sadly, he retired the name a few weeks ago. All Finn wanted Lincoln to have since he “was no longer zero and now one” was a superhero shirt, which Finn proudly picked out. Batman, of course. Cousin love!
  • Summer colds are the WORST, right?! I had a doozie last week complete with body aches and sinus headaches. I used these all-natural remedies (including an adjustment from our chiropractor and lots of sleep and water), and felt remarkably better each day moving forward. Oils, tea and adjustments FOR THE WIN!
  • My mission this month is to get Evie in a big girl bed. Girlfriend scales the rails like SpiderGirl and does 10 point gymnastics moves before she falls into a deep sleep each nap and night. It’s getting out of control.
  • This week I’ll be playing my first official game of Bunco during the monthly “Neighborhood Ladies Night.” I am legitimately nervous! I think I’m going to google strategies (and rules reminders).  Perhaps I’ll have beginner’s luck. Any Bunco tips for this newbie?

What’s on your calendar for the week?

Fantastic Fridays

A full week home and we are back in our routine. We had such a great week with friends, checking several things off our Summer Bucket List! Justin celebrated a birthday on Monday which means we’ve been celebrating all week. The older you get, the longer we celebrate at our house :)

Do you have a birthday tradition? Share it in the comments!

Enjoy my most fantastic finds from the web and be sure to click the blue “Fantastic” link to go directly to the source page.

Fantastic Dream: Some of the images in this link make my mouth drop 10 inches. A fridge enveloping pantry? I think I’d take all the waterfalls, too. And the loft hammock. No brainer.


Fantastic Pops: I broke our popsicle molds last week.  Broke in half. Let me tell you, this was devastating for a 4 year old to watch. Oops! They will be replaced soon and I suspect this recipe will help break them in and ease Finn’s pain. (Devastated = white face, gasping, open mouth, and lots of weeping.)


Fantastic Fresh: I think is dish is literally screaming EAT ME through the screen! Doesn’t this look off the charts amazing?  Seriously. I want to jump through the screen. So fresh, yummy, and clean!


Fantastic White: Our friends Eric and Kelsey are painting their entire house white, affectionately name the Rockstar Ranch. When I see pictures like this, I almost want to jump on board. How incredible to have such a clean slate. Taupe walls are boring. White is where it’s at!


Fantastic Tips:  Every week I feel like prices at the grocery store go up by 10 cents here, 10 cents there. Our bill has steadily increased although the amount of food hasn’t changed. It makes my eyeballs pop some weeks. I really start to panic when I realize the bottomless pit that is Finn’s tummy! EEK! I love this post on how to get the most from your whole chicken. I bought my first whole chicken recently and cannot wait to dig in. Get ready for my chicken, family :)


Fantastic Chest: I’ve been on the hunt for Evie’s big girl bedding. I bought an old dresser straight out of 1972 that I’m going to redo. Lord, HELP ME! Don’t worry, I’ll give you the before and after when it’s complete (in 6 months, and that’s generous). What did I get myself into? Well, I know what I got myself into. I got myself into a $106 “project” ($75 for the dresser and $31 for the supplies) instead of this amazing dresser with an added ’0′ to the price. I know Evie and the thing will be covered in Minnie Mouse stickers by her 3rd birthday. That said, I’ll save this amazing ABC chest for your child who will assuredly take care of it. It’s amazing, right?!?


Fantastic YUM: The kids and I made these last week with homemade almond butter for their Friday night “Special Treat.” Can I just tell you: dreamy! These are dreamy! And they are the best to have your kids help you create.  It’s a mess, they will look wretched, but it won’t matter :) Go ahead and double the bananas, perhaps use 3. The chocolate will be more than enough. You’ll thank me!

Banana Bites

Fantastic Workout Pant: Who knew Old Navy of all places would have such amazing workout clothes? Upon the recommendation of some of my workout pals, I picked these up from Old Navy at a super sale earlier this month. I am used to spending aLOT more on workout tights, not because I like it but because they hold it what needs holding! I am so impressed with Old Navy. They have stepped up to the plate and hit a home run. Worth every penny. (I also have the Black Jack 3.) Find some of my other favorite workout attire on Pinterest.

Workout Pants

Fantastic Snack: SuperEats sent me a pack of their kale+chia chips. I will admit, I was a skeptic. Justin actually dug in first and LOVED them. Evie ran by and (naturally) demanded a bite. Then, she asked for more! By this time, I grabbed the bag and had to see what the hype was about. They were delicious! Justin (and Evie) liked the Chili Lime and I liked the Tomato Basil. These chips are made of kale, whole chia seeds and beans.  They are gluten-free and verified GMO-free.


Fantastic Family Read: We received this book a few weeks ago and I must say, it’s a fan-favorite among the kids because of the Mickey characters.  Evie is obsessed with Minnie and Daisy!  While the book is not a quick read or meant for small children to read themselves, it’s a great conversation-starter for families who value sustainability. Go Green! is a family-friendly guide to take steps toward living healthier, greener and more sustainable lifestyles. It explains sustainability in a simple and fun way. The book is jam-packed with fun facts, tips and unique green activities. Go Green! topics include: understanding your ecological footprints; the three R’s of sustainability (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle); creating seasonal crafts; the importance of eating locally; how to grow your own organic garden; and so much more.


Fantastic Stars: I can’t stop singing this song. While looking at a book the other day with the moon and stars, Evie said, “mama’s song,” while pointing to the stars. I couldn’t figure out what she was saying until it hit me an hour later! THE SONG! So beautiful.

I hope you have an amazing weekend! What’s on tap?