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  • After much begging and empty promises to never whine again, the kids received their magical wish to visit Santa Saturday. I showed the kids their pictures with Santa from years past which included Evie in tears last year. She promised not to cry. She’s true to her word, although she was TERRIFIED of him. “Mommy, he’s scary!” She kept sinking lower and lower… I think she thought she would melt away with this maneuver.
  • Do your kids have the worst time wearing jeans? Finn despises jeans, certain they are the enemy. I get it. I prefer my sweats, too, but sweats aren’t always appropriate. Finn and I went on a mini shopping spree this weekend and found – and agreed – on ONE pair for special occasions. Evie on the other hand, demands to be fancy nearly every day.
  • Before I was home full-time, I worked in tobacco control.  I learned firsthand the deception that is the tobacco industry and the lengths gone to discredit and shame those working in the field. The same tactics are being used on those fighting for transparency in our food system. I’m so proud of the Food Babe for coming forward and sharing some of the attacks she’s faced. It’s shameful and disgusting, to say the least. It’s important to know what those of us who want transparency in our food are up against.
  • Gift Idea! Are any of you looking for a great gift idea for yourself that gives back? Check out  My friend Julie helped start this amazing hand-sewn program in South Africa that provides jobs to moms. There are some really cool items available right now.

What’s on your (not your kids!) Christmas wish list? If you could have anything – big or small, cheap or pricey, silly or serious – what would it be?


Fantastic Fridays

How was your week? Justin was out of town much of the week (enjoying NYC – jeal) and then Dallas. It’s always refreshing when he gets home from being out of town. We look forward to mellow weekends after he arrives. I also played some good Bunco rounds with my neighborhood ladies. Always a hoot to get 12+ ladies together on a Thursday night for wine and adult chatting!

I’ve also been reminding a little certain 2 year old that she CAN’T TOUCH THE ELF! If Finn saw Evie’s little paws touch that little elf, all hell would break loose. I can’t even imagine the aftermath…

As you head into your weekend, enjoy my most fantastic finds from the web. Click the blue “Fantastic” link to go directly to the source page.

Fantastic Treat:  How divine do these look? Add to it the fact they are Paleo and we have a winner! We have some fellow health nut friends joining us for dinner next week who will appreciate the amazing ingredients of this treat. Can’t wait to share!


Fantastic Raw Treat:  We don’t do a lot of raw desserts at our house, but this is really tempting! These are all “on hand” ingredients so this might be an experiment treat one week for the kids and I to make. I figure the kids can form them into whatever shape they’d like to involve their little mitts.


Fantastic Side: I can’t tell you how incredible this salad is without drooling! This was our side at dinner last week (minus the parm) and we couldn’t stop eating it, especially the pecans. Oh, Lordy, the pecans!!!!


Fantastic Holiday Snack: The kids and I made these for our family Christmas Eve last year and they were a hit! We used tiny carrot sticks for the arms to keep compliant with our gluten-free niece and Enjoy Life chocolate chips for the buttons. Chocolate makes anything an instant win, right? :)

Fantastic Winter Moisturizer: There’s nothing worse than winter dry skin. I don’t know about you, but it’s begun in our house. This recipe is a great way to keep hydrated skin this season. (I would keep the bar out of the shower as I had a friend with a MAJOR drain plug as a result of too much coconut oil.  BOO!)


Fantastic DIY Wreath: I have several friends who have been burlap-wreath-making-ninjas this year. There are so many ways to dress it up with color, flowers and bling. I’m almost inspired to try my own. Almost….


Fantastic Advent Calendar: We love this Santa beard as a way to countdown to Christmas without the stale crappy chocolate chunk you find in so many calendars. The kids LOVE glue sticking a cotton ball to Santa’s beard each morning after breakfast. I printed a handful of these at Kinko’s last year so we would be ready to rock each year.

santa calendar

Fantastic Cut: I went and did it! I chopped my hair last week! It’s taken a bit to grow on me and some time to figure out just how to style it, but I’m loving having a STYLE and not just h.a.i.r, which – let’s be honest – was 99% of the time in a bun or pony. Now to figure out the best way to hold it back during workouts…


Fantastic Cowl Neck: I have been living in this sweatshirt since the temps dropped. I love it so much I logged in Cyber Monday and bought the grey for 40% off. I feel casual and comfy without feeling like a slob. Score! Plus, the kangaroo front pocket is perfect for loading up all the little toys that seem to walk upstairs…Cowl

Fantastic Sweet: These are a sweet, easy addition to a little girl’s room. Evie’s finally settled into her big girl room (post coming soon), but the walls are somewhat bare. This is a fun idea to add color!


Fantastic Win: Sometimes you just need to get out there and make it happen!  Such a good feeling when you’ve succeeded.

Fantastic Holiday Song: Mary, Did You Know is one of my all-time favorite Christmas songs. Pentatonix (I think they are a reality show group?) have such an incredible version. Zero instruments, all voices. Insane!

Have a great weekend! What’s on tap for you and yours?

My Mommy Mind

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  • Did you have a great holiday with family and friends? Did you stuff yourself to the gills? Did you OD on college football? Did you shop til you dropped?
  • I had zero interest in Black Friday shopping this year. The stores opening at 4 pm and 6 pm Thanksgiving night just sounded exhausting. I am no longer brave enough for crowds and will stick to online shopping in my jam-jams. (Although this year I bought ZERO items online this weekend.) There were some crazy good deals, it seemed.  What did you find?
  • Now that Thanksgiving is over, we are in full countdown mode toward CHRISTMAS. Chippy, our elf, has been spreading his magic for a few weeks. He even showed up in Finn’s room Sunday which sent the most insane amount of excitement through the house. “I get to have quiet time with CHIPPY!!!” It’s the little things :)
  • Has your elf gotten into any trouble yet? Finn was legit mad at Chippy yesterday when he realized Chippy ate all the cookies we made last week. We’re talking real tears and everything. Naughty Chippy!

What are you most looking forward as we head into the Christmas season?