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  • It’s official. We’ve moved! Justin left for a conference not even 24 hours after moving in… to Hawaii! So, my mom and I mad unpacked and got the house as settled as possible. We’re still trying to get rested, figure out where we unpacked certain items and remember what each light switch actually does. That said, we are so happy and so, so fortunate for a million puzzle pieces to have all perfectly put this picture together for us!
  • Tomorrow is my first essential oils webinar. Be sure to register today!  I’m incredibly excited to share with you and really tickled by how many of you are interested to learn more. Here’s the natural health remedies!
  • Have you ever thought about how freakishly strong your pinky finger actually is? I know this is super random, but I was carrying THREE grocery bags with my pinky finger the other day and stood there in amazement. Too weird?
  • Evie turns TWO this week! My little sassy pistol. Sometimes I think I’m starring in a mirror when we go head to head. Justin regularly says, “you two are going to have EPIC battles.” I know her strong will is going to serve her well in her lifetime. No one will be walking over this little sass bucket. But at 2, all it equates to is grey hair, chocolate cravings and perhaps an ulcer. Read about Evie’s birth story and our first moments with her.

I know FROZEN is all the rage right now. Do I dare tell you all I haven’t seen it? I’ve seen parts, but not the whole thing. Am I damaging my kids? Must I shell out the $$ for this show? How amazing is it, really??



  1. says

    Man! I LOVED Frozen, but wait until it’s on Redbox if movies aren’t a big thing in your world.

    Thanks for the giveaway too, but I may have missed my window! Sorry I am lagging on my internets :(

    Congrats on the move, but I wish you could have gone to Hawaii too!

  2. says

    Frozen is awesome! Lots of great songs and a fun plot line. We just saw it this past weekend and we all loved it…so much that we watched it FIVE times. It’s fun to see Rooney get excited about it, too! :)

  3. Kim says

    Frozen is awesome! A must see in my opinion. We listen to the soundtrack daily and just added the movie to our home collection. Looking forward to the webinar tomorrow!

  4. Jess says

    My 3 year old loves it, it’s the only movie she’s really ever sat through. I think she’s seen it 6 times now. But princesses, again? Could be a little more creative than princesses I think. The push with the princesses is kind of annoying to me… how many opportunities are our girls going to get to become actual princesses? What if it were the same story, but amazingly powerful women that accomplish awesome things in life by helping people and the earth we live on… I get it, probably wouldn’t sell. Princesses sell.

  5. Ellen says

    Yes! You have to see it! Both kids love it and the soundtrack is amazing! Looking forward to the webinar tomorrow!

  6. Stephanie says

    Congratulations!!! I may also be in the wrong but I didn’t see that you posted on Friday who the winner was for the giveaway? I don’t see a post from that day. Just letting you know in case it’s a technological glitch :)

  7. nicole says

    Yes, your kids will have nothing to chat about at pre-K ;)

    Actually, my 6 year old son loved it and wants to own it. As an adult, I loved it too.. definitely worth a redbox rental!

    • says

      We had a playdate last week with some other boys in his class. They hadn’t seen it either, which made me feel better! At least he’s not the only one who wasn’t in on it at the time!

  8. Christina says

    Congrats on the move! It always takes time to get settled and for the new place to feel like ‘home’.
    Frozen – saw it twice at the theater, bought the sound track … and the DVD. Yes, it is that good. I will tell you that my youngest child is …. 17 :) My husband, daughter and I went to see it together – the second time we took my nephew who is 11. We all thoroughly enjoyed it. Like many Disney/Pixar movies it tells a great story, and if you listen, there is a lesson there too.

  9. Thea says

    I have not seen Frozen either – and chalk it up to the fact that I have four boys. My oldest saw it…and when I ask him if he wants to watch it again…he says no, that he didn’t like it.

    • says

      Boys and princesses don’t seem to be a theme in this house either. Finn did see it this weekend and stayed engaged because it was new. How many other times he wants to watch will be the question!

  10. Megan says

    Congratulations in the new house! Best wishes for many wonderful years there!
    Wow 2 already?? How is that possible?
    I haven’t seen it either!! :)


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