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  • We’re on track for our first Essential Oils webinar Tuesday, March 25, at 6:30p CST. Interested in joining me? Register here. And, if you can’t make it but are still interested, register. We will rebroadcast and those who register will hear about it first!
  • Our family moves next week. I am swimming in a sea of cardboard, packing tape, and sheer chaos. Mark my words: I am never doing this again. I will likely be completely MIA next week. Don’t be offended. I’ll return and I’m certain I’ll return with stories :)
  • Any moms with small children packed and moved their house? (Lots of exhausted hands in the air, I see.)  The worst part, I think, is the fact that I’m packing things and then realizing I need them. Toy runs out of batteries. Where are the batteries? Packed. Off to Target. Toothpaste runs out. Where is the extra toothpaste? Packed. Off to Campbell’s. Inspector runs out of ink writing up a report. Where are the extra pens? Packed. “Sorry, dude, can’t help you….” I keep repeating over and over again: “this will be over soon… this will be over soon… this will be over soon.”
  • Are any of you notecard writers? Who doesn’t love a cute notecard? Check out Justin’s cousin’s new etsy shop. Her cards are adorable and highly hilarious! Plus, she hand made ALL of the flowers for their wedding from book pages and sells paper flower bouquets. The girl is a paper goddess… you have to check her out!




  1. Margaret says

    My husband and I will help ANYBODY move but we can’t stand the idea of moving our own stuff. We enjoy helping friends move so much that we have considered creating our own “go-bag” of moving supplies. But move ourselves? Nope. Not going to happen for at least 15 more years (when our son graduates)! In discussing this comment, we decided we may just sell our house furnished at that point. Don’t want our stuff? Too bad. It’s yours. Ha ha ha ha!

  2. says

    Yes, I will never, ever move again!!! We had a little less than a month to move too and I found I packed kitchen items way to early so we didn’t have anything to cook with or eat off for the last two weeks of moving! The only saving grace was Grayson wasn’t really moving around too much so I could just set him somewhere and not worry about boxes falling or him getting into something…which is the complete opposite for you! Are you hiring movers? I will say that was the BEST choice and totally worth the expense!! Best of luck to you! It’s a real PAIN!Oh and several months later I’m STILL unpacking…. ;)Our basement is a nightmare.

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