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  • I have a new cleaning technique when the kids eat peas: I leave them on the floor until the next morning. Hear me out. Everything in me wants to clean them immediately, but if I leave them on the floor, they harden overnight and are easier to sweep up. Too lazy? Judging me? I understand. :)
  • Omaha peeps: We are planning a free essential oils workshop on the morning of Saturday, February 8. We are working on the location, so stay tuned for details!
  • Were you able to read my post last week about juicing? I’ll be posting more in the coming weeks to answer questions and help you on your juicing journey. This will especially be for the juicing newbies to help get you going. Have questions? Ask away!
  • Anyone taken this quiz? I got Portland. You?

I have shared before the products we use with our kids including products from The Honest Company. Recently we tried another product after being sent two bottles to sample from Oh My DeVita Baby.

I was pleasantly surprised to find an ingredient glossary on their site which I find incredibly helpful. There are also many certified organic ingredients included in the products, including aloe vera, which is a double win. The products are GMO-free, vegan (no animal or bee insect by-products) and gluten-free, which for many children with sensitive skin is very important.

Oh Baby DeVita

We tried the Bubbly Babies Shampoo + Body Wash in both Calendula and Fragrance-free. The Calendula scent is very light and soothing, plus it doesn’t linger so it’s great for boys or girls. There are a number of other products including lotion, powder, diaper cream and (soon-to-come) sunscreen.

Are you interested in trying both the Calendula and Fragrance-free Bubbly Babies? Here’s your chance!

***** GIVEAWAY *****

To enter, leave a comment on this post sharing what baby product is currently in your tub. (No judgement-zone!)

Entries/comments must be posted by 7p (CST) Thursday, January 23. I will post the winner on Friday morning, January 24.

This giveaway is open to any reader in the United States.



  1. Nicole M says

    We have some kind of natural lavender shampoo/soap, but I recently realized it has some questionable ingredients, so I guess it’s not as “natural” as the label suggests. It’s time for a change!

  2. Laura N. says

    We have Target baby wash, but we have Honest Co lotion and the healing balm that is great for dry, chapped winter skin.

  3. Ruth says

    We are currently using Everyday Shea Shampoo and Body Wash. We are always on the lookout for new gluten free products since they are so hard to find.

  4. Amber says

    We are currently using Aveeno. We had used J&J, but our kids skin was going crazy! We switched to Aveeno and I can see a huge difference already. I need to go ahead and try some of this product out and see if it’s even better!

  5. Megan says

    We use Original Sprout baby shampoo and wash. I also love their baby cream. Came across it at our hair salon but can order online too. Tried Burt’s bees bubble bath and did not like the smell…would love to try a new one!

  6. Kristin says

    Currently Johnson & Johnson, but we’re almost out and I’ve been researching what to replace it with – Honest Co. being most likely so far!

  7. rayraycartucci says

    Right now I have some off brand(Fred’s Brand) allergy free baby bath wash,some J&J shampoo and and something the doctor gave us to keep away staph for little kids but I don’t use that stuff cause it’s full of poisons…my sweet boy always has staph infection on his little knees.

  8. Anne says

    On our tight budget, we’re using up the Johnson & Johnson soap we got from before our daughter was born (2 years ago!). I’m currently researching better options – thanks for sharing what you use and love!

  9. Christine says

    We usually use The Honest Company shampoo/body wash but I ran out before the new shipment arrived so I am now using Earth’s Best body wash. Both work well for our son.

  10. Jill says

    We have Aveeno in the tub. I go back & forth about whether to spend more $ on better products. It’s really hard to balance wanting to buy only the best, but not necessarily having the $ to do so.


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