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  • Good morning! Did you remember that The Gluten Summit starts today? More than 25 world experts and opinion leaders on gluten-related disorders, nutrition and healthy living will be sharing through online interviews this entire week. Don’t miss out if this could be helpful for you or someone in your family. Register FREE here.
  • Justin and I just returned home from a mini vacation and family wedding in Colorado. We anxiously returned to find Finn quite mad at us. I suspect he didn’t understand all his feelings and reacted with quiet, blank stares which evolved into hysteric tears when Grandma and Grandpa left. Thankfully he came around and I’ve been squeezing the heck out of him and Evie since. Man, how your kids are just attached to your heart!
  • Can’t wait to share all our Colorado adventures tomorrow and Wednesday: organic restaurants, fresh pressed juice, massages, a barre3 class, and a brewery tour that left us in happy tears!
  • How great is this guy? Welcome to my life :)

Vert Booth Event Photo Booth serving Colorado

Speaking of this ball of fun, we all are interested in a guy’s perspective, right? If you were to read posts from Justin about our life, our food, our family, what would you like to hear from him?



  1. susan says

    Awe- I think Finn missed you both tremendously! Evie, too!

    Your photo with Justin cracked me up! It’s hilarious!

    But are you sure that you want him posting?? (after seeing that photo) Just teasing…… I bet your readers would absolutely love it. Including me!

  2. Megan says

    Sounds like a lot of fun! Too bad Finn was so upset, but thankfully it sounds like he is better already!
    I would love to hear Justin’s perspective on pretty much any topic – your family life, your food, routines, etc.
    Looking forward to it!

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