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  • Mark your calendars for a free online summit October 25-27 focused on GMOs. Learn about studies that reveal the health effects of GMOs and Roundup on animals, humans and the environment; what doctors and scientists are really saying about GMOs in relation to allergies, autism, and leaky gut; how to help your family eat healthier and avoid GMOs; ways to get involved and become active in furthering the GMO labeling and tipping point efforts. Check out more information about the GMO Summit.
  • I am good at rolling my eyes. Ask anyone from high school, my brother, my parents or my husband. (Not cool, I know.) Something I give a deep eye roll to is the notion that food prices will drastically rise if the food industry   appropriately labels GMOs. It’s fairly common knowledge that food companies regularly change their packaging to keep up with changing norms, trends and to keep their item looking fresh. Most companies only order packaging for one year, so I give a ginormous eye roll (with a groan and a sigh) to anyone asserting putting a tiny label on a package will cost a family upwards for $500+ per year. That’s looney toon talk and a scare tactic. Don’t buy it. Check out this op-ed from a former food industry lobbyist confirming the eye roll.
  • Evie is like a teething volcano. That mouth is literally erupting with enamel. It’s made for one cranky, needy little girl and one cranky, weary momma! We went almost nine months with just eight teeth. We’re making up for lost time in five days. Whew.
  • Because of Evie’s exceptional crankiness, Finn let out this doozie the other day, completely exhasperated: “Evie, leave your poor mother alone already!” :)

What is one item in your pantry you simply can’t live without? Something you (helplessly) always have on hand? I’m wondering what great staples we are missing at our house!



  1. Kim says

    Thanks for sharing the link to the GMO Summit. The more I learn about GMO’s, the angrier I get about our food supply. Our family already eats a dairy and gluten free diet which can be challenging on it’s own. As a full time working mom some days I need to grab a quick bite to eat on the go with my family. We have found a few places we feel comfortable with but now I question the GMO content of what are being served. Do you ever eat out as a family?

    • says

      Yes, it’s maddening, at best. Unfortunately most restaurants (namely chains) use canola oil and other cheap and processed ingredients to make their food. We rarely eat out as a family just because it’s so hard with Finn’s allergies. At that point I just have to think about his allergies and not the GMO food I’m certain we are eating. It’s everywhere :(

    • says

      The World Food Prize is being awarded tomorrow (Wednesday) in Des Moines to none other than Monsanto :/ Check out the Register’s page on the prize. Most I’ve EVER seen GMOs covered in this state… and probably the most we’ll see for a long time…

  2. Debra says

    Must have coconut oil at all times! Use it on hair, face, skin, nasal passages, ears, to cook, mouth rinse, and of course the only oil I use for massages. Where would I be without my coconut oil, lost. I would tell you where I buy it, but then there would be none left for me to buy.

    Coconut oil in the bathroom, kitchen, everywhere bwa ha ha.

    • says

      If you won’t tell me your buying secret, I WILL tell you mine :)

      Do you belong to Costco? They have a HUGE tub that’s a great price.

      And you now smell like a tropical getaway. Even better!

  3. Lindsey says

    If this is wrong I don’t want to be right, but… dark chocolate chips. For emergencies. Also a collection of hot sauces (Cholula is and will always be my fave) and hot pepper jelly to give an extra kick to anything that needs it!

    • says

      Hilarious! Justin is OBSESSED with Cholula. He loves it on anything and everything… eggs, chips, sandwiches, etc. You name it.

      Dark chocolate – check :)

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