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  • Evie wore an outfit yesterday that had me in hysterics. Can I be 18 months again? Please. At least have their clothing options? Heart elbow patches? Red skinnies? Bow in high pony? I die!


  • Justin made his secret family Gumbo recipe this weekend. Finn wanted Apple Cider.  I wore sweatpants and thick socks. The windows were all open. Fall is officially here and I can be more excited!

Justin and I are headed to Denver in a few weeks (sans kids) for his cousin’s wedding. Have you been recently? What are you must-go places? To eat, to shop, to workout, to hang, to sight-see, to explore?  




  1. Abby says

    I live in Denver, and there are SO many good restaurants and bars. My absolutely FAV place is a bagel shop called Moe’s. It’s on Grant Street, between 5 and 6 Ave. If you like Indian food, Little India is a great place, with a few locations all over town. Dazzle has an excellent brunch buffet with live jazz (and for only $10, you get all you can drink- anything, not just mimosas!!!) Like I said, there are so many great places; I’ll let others do lots of recs. I do remember you saying you wanted to try a Bar Method class while you were here- there’s a studio in Cherry Creek, and they are awesome. Leslie is my favorite instructor. For a similar style of workout, there’s another place in the Highlands called The Dailey Method. I’m currently attending classes there on an unlimited month-long Groupon. It’s also great! Enjoy Denver!

    • says

      This is so great! Thank you! Referring back to it now to make plans.

      I am doing a barre class at Cherry Creek!!!!! I’ll look for a Leslie class :) Great tip!

  2. kathrine says

    Her outfit is adorable, as is she! I swear I love shopping for my daughter than myself! She is currently in a jean strike. She HATES them.. she’s 6! Oy, if this is a preview of the teenage years, lord help me! I don’t remember being so opinionated at only 6!

  3. Allison says

    I was looking forward to your post this morning. :) I met your husband and children at church yesterday. I was so excited since I faithfully read you’re blog and was bummed I didn’t meet you. You have such a darling family and I heart reading your blog.

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