My Mommy Mind

  • I have a mini Houdini on my hands. Evie seems to wiggle her arms out from under the carseat straps constantly. They are so tight now I fear I am suffocating her, but the girl is a friggin’ magician. She’s now doing it with her swaddle sack during naps. Not funny, Houdini.
  • Why does my son insist on putting on a new shirt during every quiet time? He goes upstairs with one outfit and comes down in a new one.
  • Have we connected on facebook? If so and you’re not seeing My Wise Mom updates in your newsfeed, move your cursor over the “Liked” button under the cover photo and click ”Settings.” Then choose “All Updates.” You’re set!
  • There’s Something About Nebraskans. “…My Nebraskans, will remain kind. And fiercely loyal. And ever thoughtful. And eternally flawless to me.”  For those of you from Nebraska or who know a Nebraskan, you will heart this.
  • We celebrated Finn’s 4th birthday this weekend! What a celebration for our little Super Hero. More tomorrow :)
  • Gearing up for the Sept. 21 oils workshop. Show up anytime after 9a (location announcement coming) with the workshop starting at 9:30. Really appreciate all of you filling out the form on location preference.  If you haven’t already, please do! For some reason the “other” box information isn’t coming to me. So, if you selected OTHER, please email me at mywisemom at gmail dot com to share your location preference or comment in this post.
  • “What can I expect at the oils workshop?” Simple: oils! You will get to smell and use each of the 9 most used oils. You’ll learn about each one and be able to ask questions about how/when/why to use oils… and anything else you’d like to ask! There’s plenty of time for questions and the whole point is to help you understand better how oils might benefit your world.

Is there an oil-related question you have lingering? Per your requests, I have a post coming up next week on oils during pregnancy and with babies!


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