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  • Spring is sprouting! After an incredibly beautiful weekend, I’m terribly confused by the mention of the word “forties” in the forecast. What does that even mean?
  • Justin worked like a mad man over the weekend to build more raised garden beds. I have mapped out where everything will go and have my fingers triple crossed (ya know, to cancel out the negatives) that we will be able to plant soon. Our 1st filled compost bin has been added to the soil. Giddy up, spring!
  • I’ve loved reading the stories from those of you who have submitted your allergy/health story. There’s no end date on this, so if you’re still interested, please submit! For those who have submitted, you’ll be hearing from me this week so we can help shape your story a bit more for an upcoming post.
  • Finn recently informed me, after careful inspection of a drinking cup, that Cubbie does not have a penis, just a shirt and hat. This little guy doesn’t miss a thing!
  • Last week I went from my PJs to a stained pair of sweats and an oversized sweatshirt I’ve had since middle school. You should have seen Justin’s face when I told him, “oh, no, I actually did get dressed today.” Ha!
  • I’m working on changing up quite a few things on the ol’ blog here. If you have design experience and want to be part of the My Wise Mom redesign process, please shoot me an email ( I’d love to see if working together would be an option.
  • On that same note, I’m switching up how I do Friday posts, so check back in a few days for a new FANTASTIC series! ;)

Are you a stay-at-home mom? Do you find yourself qualifying your clothes by your “nice” comfy clothes and the “other” category? I swore I wouldn’t do this, but alas… here I am. I finally realized when I spend 30% of my time on the floor playing, 30% of my time in the kitchen, 30% of my time either helping someone in the bathroom, cleaning a bathroom and changing a diaper, this only makes sense!



  1. Thea says

    I gave onto the mommy wardrobe after my twins were born. You are right, when most of our days are spent up and down off the floor and cleaning up after everyone around us, we’ve just got to be I some easy clothes. ;)

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