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  • After a busy weekend, I’m off. Isn’t it suppose to still be Sunday? Augh.
  • So proud of Justin… his podcast is currently #5 under Business and Marketing! If you’re a marketer or have your own business, you need to check him out.
  • Cool mornings + amazing afternoons = awesome springtime! Oh, spring, how I’ve missed you!
  • Borderline obsessed with Hobo bags. I won’t tell you how many I already own, but suffice to say, there are quite a few in my bin-o-bags. I know some people LOVE their diaper bags (God love ya), but I love oversized lady bags I can throw the kids stuff in. Even if I look a disaster, there’s something pretty – besides Evie – to distract others from looking toooooo closely at me :) This caramel beauty is calling my name…
  • My birthday is coming up. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, maybe it’s because I’m type A, but I literally sent Justin an itinerary of what I want to do for my birthday. No guessing, no possibility of making a bad call. Just give me what I want and maybe throw in a few surprises! (He’s panicing now, I know it!)
  • What has Monsanto done for you? Check out Monsanto’s Dirty Dozen. It’s time to get mad. What is happeening – allowing biotech companies to rule our food – must stop. Previously working in tobacco prevention and control, the similarities between the tobacco and biotech industries are terrifying.
  • If you weren’t aware, President Obama recently signed the Monsanto Protection Act. This graphic sums up what this act does. It’s disgusting.


What is most worrisome to you about biotech companies having such control over what we eat?



  1. Stephanie says

    My concern is more selfish – after living in Europe and Asia for 4 years, I’m terrified to move back to the United States and eat the food there. I appreciate blogs like this to help me navigate it, but as my husband will be going to seminary, we’ll be on a tight budget. We’ve eaten healthy here because it’s been cheap to do so and our bodies like it so much more. In fact, they react poorly when we go back to the States for a month in the summers.

    Thanks for writing!

    • Kerry says

      Not selfish at all! I’d have the same concern. My husband also went through sem, so I know fully your concern about budget. And my best friend and her family live out of the country and their bodies react the same way when they are home for summers. If there’s anyway I can help, please ask!

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