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  • We watched the start of the game last night “picnic-style” on the living room floor. Jusin’s famous chili, fresh bread from the oven and homemade pumpkin butter cake. Not Super Bowl food for most, but it was fun! Finn was in HEAVEN!
  • Who did you cheer on? I cheered for the Ravens simply because Michael Oher’s story from the Blind Side was so moving. Never count on me for bets based on sound reasoning!
  • That said, I really don’t care about professional football or (gasp) even the commercials. I really only pay attention to the halftime show! And, OH BOY, was that worth it! Beyonce is incredible! Girl crush.
  • Who out there had a Cabbage Patch doll as a little girl? Evie received one for Christmas. Do you remember the way they smelled? It was this soft “like heaven” scent. I want to squeeze this doll constantly! If you don’t know the smell, run to Target STAT and take a whiff.
  • Finn has a new hobby: cutting paper. He has a pair of kids scissors and proceeds to cut all our junk mail into tiny pieces. Keeps him occupied forever!
  • Justin and I did not work out last week and we ate less than fantastic. Within a few days, some itchy, red spots on my temples that I often battle flared up. I knew instantly it was due to sugar.¬†Read up on many reasons to reduce your sugar intake.¬†Needless to say, we are back in action starting NOW! Health is too important – especially once I had kids – to throw away on junk food!
  • Evie waves. My heart melts!
  • In my dream house, this will be in my oversized, filled with natural light and lots-of-storage-space kitchen. Incredible!
  • Justin and I saw Silver Linings Playbook over the weekend. A must-see… great mix of emotions. Robert DeNiro is my father. Seriously. The way they look, talk, mannerisms, tone. Brothers from another mother.
Any recent must-see flicks? Our other recent favorite was ARGO.




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    Beyonce’s performance was fierce! And I got all excited when I saw Michelle and Kelly on stage with her. Loved me some Destiny’s Child back in the day. Heck, I still ove em and listen to them on Spotify all the time!

    I was cheering for Ravens, too. No reason, just who I gravitated to.

    I watched This Means War with Reese Witherspoon this weekend. Loved it!

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