My Mommy Mind

  • Like many of you, I went through the weekend slightly numb. Our hearts are heavy. We aren’t sure what to do, what to say, what to feel. There was something much deeper, much different, much more personal about this shooting. I feel more raw, my children more vulnerable as a result. There simply aren’t words.
  • Finn participated in his first church Christmas program Saturday. The timing of a kids Christmas program was eerily heart-warming. We all needed their joy. Finn didn’t sing one note, pursed his lips most of the time, didn’t do one motion and actually sat down mid-show, but I’ve never been more proud. I love him more than life.

  • Evie went from rocking to rolling to speed crawling in 72 hours. How do we stop time?
  • Justin and I attended our first “Ugly Christmas Sweater” party over the weekend. We interpreted sweater as “turtleneck.” Thank goodness for a mother-in-law with lots of great holiday wear and a better sense of humor!

  • Between Black Friday online sales, Cyber Monday and just plain great online sales, it’s a daily Christmas “gift” holiday around these parts. I love the mid-afternoon doorbell (or dinger bell, as Finn calls it) ring when the UPS man treats us to a brown box. I think the door bell ringing is my favorite part.
  • I can’t wait to give my Grandma a picture calendar with photos of her 4 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren. It arrived last week and turned out amazing!
  • Classiest SNL opening to date. Well done, NBC. Well done…



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