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  • Sorry for the posting hiatus last week. My mom was in town, my car blessed me with 2 flat tires in one day which led to the purchase of four (enter heart-stopping gasp) new tires, and a handful of other things gobbled up the time I would normally blog. So instead of staying up late, I went to sleep and left the innerwebs to deal with itself. New week, new dollar?
  • Evie is turning the slightest shade of orange. Although my dad, a former Syracuse football player, is very happy about this color, I am not. She loves orange food… sweet potatoes, carrots, squash. We’ve also tried peas and green beans. Broccoli is on deck. But orange seems to be the favorite for everything in this house. Any other veggie ideas to steam and puree?
  • I don’t know about you, but if it weren’t for the sorting, folding, hanging and organizing, laundry wouldn’t be so bad. I can wash and dry like a queen.
  • Oprah is getting into the organic food business. This will be a huge step forward for the healthy food movement. That woman could start a trend in one of her sleepy dreams and it could change the world.
  • Evie wants to crawl sooooo badly. She pushes herself up to a high plank (push-up position on her toes) and stares ahead with intent in her eye. It’s slightly concerning how freakishly strong she is. No lie, she also does Pilates 100s. She’s my ninja baby.
  • I’m beautiful. So are you. Insanely. The little girls in your life need to hear this as much as you.
  • Grandma bought Finn new Thomas and Toy Story shirts and PJ’s last week while visiting. THANK YOU! Getting dressed just became ten times easier!

It’s Thanksgiving week!!!!!!! How will you be spending your holiday?



  1. Jen says

    My daughter has recently started solids… I’m trying to stay lower on the food allergen scale and flipping back and forth between fruits and veggies. Next up is zucchini!

    • Kerry says

      Good for you! So hard knowing what the “right” thing to do is.

      Haven’t tried zucchini…. another one for our list now!

  2. Margaret says

    I know you asked for veggies but my son was a big fan of avocado, too. He also loved (and still does) asparagus and all beans pureed — lima, kidney, black. Another non-veg puree he liked was lentils. Looked AWFUL but he gobbled them up. He enjoyed spinach, peas and green beans more with a touch of garlic (either garlic powder or minced/sauteed). Spinach is high in vitamin A though, so won’t help with the orange glow. :)

    • Kerry says

      BEANS! Why did this not cross my mind. I need to try beans? I think I’ve forgot everything I made from Finn days. I should have wrote it down!! Thanks!

  3. Megan says

    Wow that is huge news about Oprah! You are right, she can pretty much make anything happen with her power.
    I loved the veggie puree! We had lots of luck with parsnips, beets, and cauliflower. Another non-cook idea is avocado. So many babies love it, but mine never did for some reason.
    Spending the holiday at my cousin’s house. Will be cooking cranberry sauce, roasted Brussels sprouts, and pumpkin bars with chocolate chips. You??

    • Kerry says

      Good ideas for new foods to try! Thanks!

      The weekend will be spilt among our families. I’ve been gathering ideas for a “Finn/Kerry” friendly meal for Thursday since most things at my in-laws will have milk/butter/egg. I’m actually kind of excited to make a special meal just for us!

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