My Mommy Mind

  • I feel like the weather is a bad boyfriend who either needs to commit or break-up with me. Pick a temp, please. I honestly just need you to define our relationship.
  • Finn woke up the other day and said, “I said ‘poopy’ in my bed.” I asked if he went poopy. Nope, just said the word. He knows this is a “bathroom word” so saying it in his room is like breaking the law.
  • Will you guys believe it? After complaining about the cost of Halloween costumes last week, I caught a break! $5 for a Buzz Lightyear costume that Finn is going to FLIP over! It is taking everything in me to keep it under wraps in my closet until the week of Halloween! EEKK!!
  • NYC Mayor Bloomberg is quickly becoming my favorite mayor. From his efforts to promote breastfeeding and normalize breastfeeding to his sugary drink public policy to combat obesity, the man is getting stuff done in NYC. I’m quite impressed with his public health initiatives.
  • Like Bloomberg’s policy or not, with kids drinking seven trillion calories in sugary drinks annually, it’s time to do something. Childhood obesity is striping kids from their life before they have a chance to live.
  • Judge me like a criminal, I don’t care, these look amazing. Perfect Saturday wear!
  • Lots of great discussion last week about the GMO study done in France. More tomorrow on the topic. Let’s keep the dialogue going!

    What’s on tap for the week? First week of October – make it count!


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