My Mommy Mind

  • Sesame Street Live was Friday morning. We survived! Evie did great and Finn was mesmerized once again by his friends on stage. In a panic of getting 2 kids into the auditorium, I forgot my phone/camera in the car. Awesome.
  • You know the “I’m-a-baby-and-I-poop-out-my-outfit-over-everything-I’m-wearing-and-mom-doesn’t-have-spare-clothes” joke? Well, it happens. And it ain’t pretty!
  • Did you hear? Kristen Wiig is leaving SNL. The send-off skit done by her cast mates was classy and perfect.
  • Justin found a local deal for a one-time house cleaning. You better believe we jumped ALL OVER that! Bedrooms. Living area.  Kitchen. Baseboards. Bathroom. Basement. Yes, yes, and more yes!!! Finn, Evie and I are off with our new Australian friends this morning while our house is glitterized. It’s been a long time since this kind of elbow grease met our home. I can’t wait to see – and smell – it!
  • Our thermostat is set incredibly rather frigid cool at night. Circulation in cookie cutter 2-story houses is not the greatest. Our children did not appreciate this Saturday night. Evie was up (count it) SEVEN times. Finn was up at least three. When my eyeballs started feeling like vampire fangs I lost count. I didn’t know who was crying after awhile either. Honestly, it might have been me. Traumatic. Wish I’d figured this out at midnight instead of 9a. Ugh.
  • We had 2 of our best friends over Saturday night. Good company can’t be beat.
  • Mission PT (potty training) begins at wake-up Wednesday. We will be hunkered down drinking lots of water and running around in Mickey Mouse or Sesame Street underwear until the little one figures it out. Wish us luck!

    Hope your weekend was INCREDIBLE! Happy Monday!


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