Moving Day


Today is moving day. Today is wildly bittersweet.

We leave the house I love today, the house that became home to our family of four. We’ll venture down the road a few miles to our new house, the one I know we will eventually make home. I could list off 100 reasons why we love our new house, but today, it doesn’t matter. Today I’m focused on the 100 reasons I love this home, the house that will by sunset be occupied by a new family.

This is the house both our babies came “home” to. It’s the house they learned to walk in, to talk in, to eat in. It’s the house we went through allergic food reactions. It’s the house I nursed in for countless hours rocking in a nursery chair. It’s the house Santa first visited. It’s the house I will probably always love the most… because it’s in this house we became a family.

In addition to the family memories, leaving here is incredibly bittersweet because we’ve had the most amazing neighbors. I don’t think this house would be as special if it weren’t for the people around us who made this such a fun place to live. Fourth of July parties, swapping kids, borrowing eggs, plastic pool parties, bike riding in the circle. This neighborhood has been awesome to us as a young family.

Our neighbors across the street, Perry and Carrie, were actually in our wedding. Emilie, our neighbor down the way, was one of my first friends when I moved to Des Moines. Her husband, Reid, finished our basement and is idolized by Finn.

And then there’s my next door neighbor, Jennie. She’s become more than my neighbor, she’s my dear friend. I am the most sad about leaving her. Her husband and kids are great, but I just love her :) They are – hands down – the best neighbors you could ever have, the ones you dream about when you’re disliking your current ones. The ones you can run over to in your PJs and grab something. The ones you can text and say, “I need to run an errand – can you take my kids,” and the answer is always “absolutely!” The ones who call you when they think their house is burning only to find a sock stuck in the light. (True story.)

I hope the new owners understand what a sweet deal they are getting. A finished basement, new windows and a sandbox can be put in at any house, but you can’t pick your neighbors. And these people are the best.

Plus, I’ll tell you what, if our new neighborhood sucks, I’m bullying my away back into this circle :)

Today is moving day. Today is wildly bittersweet.



  1. Renee Pedersen says

    Kerry – I will miss seeing your family when we come from NW Iowa to visit the “big city”. I know there is going to be hard for Ryder not seeing Finn when the days finally turn nice enough to play outside. I wish you the best in your new home and hopefully, sometime in the future, our paths will cross again (probably when you are at Jen’s house for coffee or playtime or to the rescue her from smoking socks!!) Best of luck Kerry!!!

  2. Jennie says

    Just when I thought I couldn’t cry any more about you leaving I read this!! I was crying before I even got to the part about our friendship. So many happy memories were shared with you over the years. I don’t know what I would’ve done without you next door. You’ve been such a huge support in so many ways I can’t even begin to name them all….I love you, Ryder loves you and like I said earlier we miss you already. And PS you’re still going to be the one I call if I think my house is burning down because of a sock!

  3. Jana Molstre says

    This brought tears to my eyes. I felt the same way when leaving our condo… Yes I did say condo, don’t laugh! Best wishes in the new home:) can’t wait to see it sometime!!

  4. Kel says

    Best wishes! At least you won’t be far from home. We felt the same way about our first home as a married couple – we still visit it once a year (22 years later!).

  5. Newmanloze says

    A closing of a sweet chapter often means the beginning of many new things- the place that will have to work hard to earn the title of home but will, eventually, become that. Here’s cheers to the brave step you’ve taken- and look forward to seeing the adventures that take place!! (Especially looking fwd to the redecorating that’s about to take place!) xx

  6. Debra says

    Kerry, having moved constantly while Kelly served in the Army, I have learned that the most important question about buying a house is not answered until you actually move in. What kind of neighbors will I have? Some places were home and others were just houses we lived in until we moved again, life is interesting isn’t it.

  7. Margaret says

    So well said, Kerry! A house is a house but the neighbors make a neighborhood. Best wishes on your move.

  8. Sharon says

    I wish you the very best in your new home…….just down the road. And, if your new neighbors have any sense at all, they will welcome you with open arms.

  9. Nancy A. says

    Good luck with your move today! I know what you mean about leaving a neighborhood you love! We did the same thing a few years ago. I have a few good neighbors here, but nothing memories I have of my first home! Like you, my kids were born there and lots of “firsts” were there. It is hard to move from a place you love, but with luck you will find great neighbors all around you.


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