Little Green Pouch


When Finn was a baby I decided I would try my hand at making his food. I quickly realized two things. One, it is not difficult. (But…) Two, it takes some significant time.

I was fortunate to receive a Babycook from some of Justin’s family after Finn was born. I used the HECK out of that guy for Finn and pulled it out of the closet a few months ago to start making Evie’s food.

Around that same time I heard about a new product hitting the market: the Little Green Pouch. The Little Green Pouch is a reusable food pouch that I now use with Evie when we are on the go. Forget the tupperware and spoons, these are awesome!  (Full disclosure: I am not getting paid to write this post. I just truly love this product.)

Thanks to a little zipper on top, the Little Green Pouch is refillable/reusable, dishwasher-safe and freezer-safe. Plus, it is BPA-free. The pouches have markings on the back for the amount of food you are adding. Two of the freezable food rounds (thawed) I make for Evie fit in the pouch with room for more. I suspect I could put 3 in when the time comes.

Currently, when we are on the go I pack 2 LGP’s for her lunch or dinner. Here we have a pea/squash mixture in one and carrots in the other. She’s a big veggie fan :)

You can use a spoon, but I feed Evie straight from the pouch. She actually eats better and more when it’s from the pouch as opposed to with a spoon at home.


Every Saturday night you can find Evie chowing down on her veggies in church, which includes her chomping through Finn’s Christmas program a few weeks ago. She must have spotted the big lug sitting down!

I even fed Evie from LGP’s in the car on the two-hour drive home Christmas Eve night. These things have been a life saver for us!

When she is done, I rinse the pouch as best I can and throw it in the dishwasher upside down. Easy-peasy.

My point? If you’re a baby food maker or simply have older kids you’d like to pack applesauce for and don’t want to spend double the price on the pouches instead the jar, do yourself a favor and buy the reusable Little Green Pouch… and tell them My Wise Mom sent you!

Happy Feeding!!



  1. Theresa says

    How many do you reccomend buying? I’m going to order through a co-op so I’m getting a great price and I want to make I order enough. I hate it when I wish I bought more of something when it was in sale. Thank u!

    • Kerry says

      We have 8 total, 2 packages of 4 but really have only used the 1st package so far. She’s only eating from 2 pouches once a week at this point, perhaps we’ll need more down the line.

  2. says

    I’m glad you like these! We have them (they were sent to us by the company to try), and we haven’t been very happy! :( The zipper doesn’t stay shut on ours, and they are impossible to clean…?!

    • Kerry says

      Contact the company. My first batch was sent to me by them, too, to try and the same thing happened. Turns out their first shipment had a flaw and this was common. It has since been figured out and the new ones are corrected.

      As for cleaning… you have to make sure they are fully expanded and clean out quickly after using otherwise (like with a bowl) food gets stuck on there.

      Sooooo…. bummer the first batch was a dud for you. Try again – I hope there is some redemption!

  3. Thea says

    Amazing! I have been wondering if these things even exist, but haven’t put the time in to look or research. Thanks for the info! This is WAY better than the pouches I have been buying for more than a dollar each!

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