Home for the Holidays


The holidays went fast this year, but they truly were fun.  As many of you know, life with a 2-year-old is simply magical, so it’s hard not to enjoy your time when you have a constant toddler giggle as your day-to-day soundtrack. We spent 2 days in Omaha with my family where Finn thoroughly enjoyed getting in “uncle time” with my brother.  Finn always warms up quickly to Chris.  For days after we were back home Finn wanted to know where Uncle Chris went. Precious.

A CARS racetrack – one of the biggest Christmas hits!

On the afternoon of Christmas Eve we headed to my aunt and uncle’s house to catch up with the rest of the family.  The weather was unseasonably warm, so the cousins enjoyed some outside bubble time.

After food, presents, running around and more presents, they also enjoyed playing with their new toys and giggling amongst themselves about secret little kiddo stuff!

Finn would never verbally say it, but dude-o was exhausted.  All that playing wears a boy out!  Hours after the festivities began, the arm cover went from being a “super hero cape” to a “blanket.”
But there wouldn’t be sleep before a precious cousin hug.  Thankfully, Finn conked out in the car as we headed back home Christmas Eve night.  We want to start a tradition of waking up in our house, when possible, to have Santa/family time Christmas morning. Santa toys, pancakes, Christmas gifts, books and loads of hugs and giggles filled our morning.  It was well worth the extra effort to make it home!
After family time, we got dressed and headed to Justin’s family Christmas where more PRESENTS awaited our little Finn.


Despite Finn’s allergies, months ago Aunt Kristin saved the day with a delicious (and nutritious) ice cream alternative… Frozen Banana Custard.  No joke, this tastes EXACTLY like ice cream.  Trust me, you want to try this!  I love that Finn gets to take part in the process of making his “special treat” with his Grammie.

“Finny’s turn!”


“Here is comes!!”
“Stand back, people!  This ice cream is all mine…”

“…down the the last bite!”


Here’s to hoping your holiday season was merry, berry and bright!  


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