Going Sugar-free, Part II


Yesterday I shared a little more on my sugar-free detox. Today I want to share a handful of tips if you are preparing to cut sugar.

Identify the cravings. For me it was mid-afternoon and late night snacks. That’s when I wanted to reach for the treats. Ask yourself: ‘Am I really hungry for sweets or is something else going on? Am I bored? Sad? Tired? Procrastinating?’  I realized I was reaching for junk because I was tired! It wasn’t hunger. My fix? I grabbed a handful of cashews and raisins in the afternoon and drank a glass of water at night and went to bed (an hour earlier). Those crazy-mad cravings subsided in a few days. They were still there, but they weren’t so controlling.

Prepare. Until you get through those first few weeks, get the sugar out of the house (and your immediate work space). Don’t buy it. Don’t store it. Don’t have it available. You’ll think about it the first few days, but those cravings will subside. Stock up on snacks, even “sweet” ones like raisins, fruit, nuts, etc. to get you through. Also, drink lots and lots of water. Divide your weight in half. Drink that in ounces.

Replace. Instead of reaching for that sugary treat, grab a book and read to your kids, chug some water, take a walk, call a friend, eat some carrot sticks or frozen grapes, do 25 jumping jacks. My point? Do something else. Don’t just sit there and salivate ;)  Think about what those alternative activites are before you are in panic sugar-mode. Write them down, if necessary.

Allow for slip-ups. They will come, especially at first, and that’s OK. Notice how you feel afterward. I became so tired so quickly. And if I ate a lot of sugar during those first few weeks, I noticed the next day my skin flared up quickly and fiercly and lost a little glow. And I don’t like it when my glow goes!

Let your body heal. After I broke up with sugar, the temples on my face cleared up within days. DAYS! I’d battled this for years and within days, a non-chemical, non-doctor, non-pill, non-cream solution. Once that initial inflammation was gone, I can now eat a small amount of sweets without an immediate flare up.

Remind yourself: This isn’t a battle in willpower, this is a lifestyle. This isn’t a struggle in self-control, this is a new way of living. If you slip up, don’t beat yourself up. You haven’t lost the war!

Have you quit sugar? Would you like to quit?

If you’ve quit, what have you experienced? What other tips can you offer to those starting out?

If you haven’t but want to, what is holding you back?




  1. says

    These posts were perfect timing. I’m six months postpartum and five pounds away from my goal weight, and I think that last five pounds, and the little pouch I have on my belly would disappear much easier if I cut out sugar. I’ve already cut out all alcohol to help this, now I just need to cut out the refined sugar.

  2. Mandy Meyer says

    Hi Kerry,

    Love your blog and was so excited to hear about your journey going sugar-free. Along with an earlier comment from another reader, I too have found that sugar is no longer a treat for me if I allow myself chocolate throughout each day! It’s all about having willpower and making that lifestyle change. I think I’m ready now to embark on my own journey!

  3. Sarah says

    Hi! I just found your blog! What great timing! 5 days ago I decided to give up candy and chocolate.
    I realized they were no longer “treats” for me, but masks of somethig deeper: boredom, fear, anxiety, self-consciousness. Yikes! So here goes nothing! I have an app on my phone that lets me count the days and each time I have a craving for candy or chocolate. Its been rough. I’ll be reading closely as I trudge along!

    • Kerry says

      Good for you!!! Five days is amazing. Think of it this way, if you’ve already gone 5 days (you didn’t die, you didn’t kill someone, you didn’t scream in agony…maybe close!), you can go ANOTHER five days! Set mini goals and reward yourself with other things you love. You can do it!!!

  4. Lisa says

    I quit sugar almost a month ago and feel great. I am thinking clearer and feel so much better. I have more energy to run and keep up with 4 kids :). I also noticed my sleep improved. It used to take me forever to fall asleep, now I crash when my head hits the pillow. I get my chocolate fix by making homemade chocolate larabars :)

      • Lisa says

        I just use almonds, dates, cocoa and water. I have to go to our local health food store because my hubby wants me to make amazeballs :)
        And no super hero status for me…possible trip to the looney bin though!!

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