Finn Turns TWO!


I can’t even believe two years scurried by and our little man celebrated his SECOND birthday Saturday. The whole crew was there to celebrate. Here’s Finn’s recap of the events:

What could be better than starting my day with an Elmo balloon from Daddy? I mean really?

Of course, I had to be munching on an entire carrot that I later spit out when Mommy snapped my picture.  What would a picture be without a mouth full of food?

The gang was all there to celebrate, and oh boy, did I have fun with all my favorite pint-sized family friends!  We had a mid-morning snack to kick off the shin-dig!

I felt like King of the World, at least for the day! It helped me gear up for…

GIFTS!! Sure glad I had some professionals to help me. I’m still new at this, remember!

There were lots of “ooohhhs…” and “ahhhhhs” from the crowd. This family of mine sure does know how to pick great gifts!

I even came up with some new uses for some of them!

It was a packed house at Grandma and Grandpa’s. I still can’t believe all these great people were here for lil’ ol’ ME!

I worked up a pretty big appetite, so it was time to dig into LUNCH!  A growing boy needs to eat!

No party is complete without CUPCAKES! Because I’m two, Daddy let me eat TWO whole ‘cakes.  A boy with allergies should get to splurge on his made-for-him ‘cakes once every two years, right?  Mmmmmm….

I think two of my favorite girls liked the cupcakes, too. Although a year apart, they were insta-friends, which I most definitely like!  Shout out, Ava and Aubs!

Here is me with my Mommy and Daddy.  I think they really dig me.  Good thing, because I dig them, too!

And of course, it wouldn’t be a celebration without some of my besties. Glad the gang could show up!  I was getting worried :)

Well, that’s all from this year. Hope to celebrate with you over the next year!

Two-Year Old Finn



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