Fantastic Fridays


Big plans this weekend? In addition to Father’s Day, I’m celebrating my nephew-to-be at a baby shower for my sister-in-law. Cannot wait for that little button to arrive! Finn has affectionately named the little guy “Zarbie.” I actually hope it sticks once the baby is here as it would be a great cousin name! Justin’s convinced 24 hours after the little booger gets here I’ll be on level 10.0 with baby fever. We shall see :)

As the week rounds out, relax with some of my most fantastic online finds. Click the blue “Fantastic” link to go directly to the source page.

Fantastic Feet: These little girls – without a doubt – have some serious ‘tude in their dancing. How I wish I could see them!


Fantastic Bling: Gumball necklace? I don’t think I could be trusted. Too pretty. Too sweet.


Fantastic Fact: Whether or not you choose to believe this, it’s true. You’re awesome.


Fantastic Motivation: It’s a fact: kids spend far too much time in front of screens and need to move more. Here are tips for your kids ages 8-10, 11-14 and 15-18 to get them moving!

Get Moving

Fantastic Snack: I’m not sure why, but I assume these will taste like some kind of sweet corn nut, right? Regardless, I think they are worth trying. We are going on a candida cleanse here soon (working up the willpower to start it with the kids) and I’ve been stockpiling snack ideas. This will be one!


Fantastic Truth: There’s nothing quite like coming home, is there? What a great piece for a mudroom or by a front door.


Fantastic Finn: Finn is suddenly obsessed… obsessed… with Spiderman. All boy all the time. His imagination is through the roof, so inventive and creative. I’m already mentally preparing for a Spiderman-themed fourth birthday for my SpiderFinn. Super hero masks required.

Super Heros

Fantastic Dad Find: If you’re crafty, what a great gift for Dad for Father’s Day, right? Heck I want one for Father’s Day! ;)


Fantastic Dad: Here’s my main man walking me down the aisle on my wedding day…



… and one before I gave him grey hair. Such a handsome one!


Fantastic Jam: “Take my daughtie to the party, it’s the Dad Life…” Holla!

Have a fantastic Father’s Day!!



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      Candida shows up in my kids in little red bumps on the back of their arms and on their thighs. It’s the worst on Finn’s arms. It’s yeast-based (and fairly common), so sugar feeds it. Which means…. not only no sugar in the regular sense, but also in the form of bread, noodles, rice, etc. The no sugar could be liveable, but no bread (esp for Finn) will be tough. It takes 3-4 weeks to see an improvement, too :(

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