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I taught some Boot Camp classes this week at a dance studio I was a regular instructor at a few years back. Man, it felt great to be with the students, dance all day and enjoy time out of the house. I was also ever so harshly reminded by my hips and knees of my AGE. Sheesh! How rude, body!

NOW… speaking of dance and before I get to everything fantastic, I have a fun GIVEAWAY!!!!

Has anyone done The Bar Method? In case you haven’t, it’s all the rage and it’s incredible! “The Bar Method integrates the fat burning format of interval training, the muscle shaping technique of isometrics, the elongating principles of dance conditioning, and the science of physical therapy to create a revolutionary new workout that quickly and safely reshapes your entire body.” Celebs like Drew Barrymore, Lisa Rinna, Denise Richards and Zooey Deschanel (favorite!) all swear by it.

I’ve done it once and was sore for daaayyyys! I’ll actually be in Denver in a few months and am already looking forward to visiting their studio.

I have a special giveaway for one lucky Momma-To-Be: The Bar Method Pregnancy Workout DVD!

To enter, leave a comment below sharing the best/worst/craziest pregnancy advice you’ve heard. I love everything BABY, so spill it!

Note: you do not need a ballet barre to do the workout. The back of a sturdy chair works just great!

Entries/comments must be posted by 7p (CST) Monday, July 1. I will post the winner on Tuesday, July 2.

(This giveaway is open to any reader in the 50 United States.)



And now, without further ado, as the week rounds out, relax with some of my most fantastic online finds. Click the blue “Fantastic” link to go directly to the source page.

Fantastic Knock-off: With news that Chipolte will now label GMOs (and I super applaud this since there are still clearly a handful of GMO items on their menu), I thought this recipe looked extra yummy. We love Chipolte and are glad we can now order smarter, but we also like making things at home. This looks mouth-watering!

Kale Beans

Fantastic Welcome: The entryway is the first impression your guests take in about your home. Doesn’t this color feel welcoming and calming? And dark floors with white trim/crown molding is my wood crush. Dreaming…


Fantastic Knees: Talk about adorable! What a great sassy addition to a little girl’s jeans after she blows out the knees at recess!

Monster Knees

Fantastic Bright: Unfortunately this was posted awhile back and the item is no longer available. DARN! What a fun father/son project this would be! Anyone know of something similar?

Dino Lights

Fantastic Flyer: How fun are these?!?! The little wings are just tooooo much to handle!


Fantastic Accent: I think my winged flats would go perfectly with this necklace, right? In orange, please. ;)


Fantastic Tool: I don’t think Finn will be working on handwriting in school next year, but he’s already eager to write and loves showing people how we can spell his name. I think this would be a great way to improve what he’s already doing!


Fantastic Fourth Food: How incredible does this salsa look? This would be a great addition to any 4th of July spread.


Fantastic Flexibility: Challenge: each pose 30 seconds for one month, 14 minutes start to finish. No promises on the last 2 and no expectations…. who’s with me?

30 Second

Fantastic Clean: The Wellness Mama has amazing posts. I have this image printed and hanging in my laundry room for reference.


Fantastic LOVE: My Grandma is moving this week. Lots of changes. It’s hard. Saw this picture online this week and was reminded of the million reasons I love her so.


Fantastic Truth:



Fantastic Jam: These voices melt like butta together!

Have a fantastic weekend! What’s on tap?




  1. Anne says

    The best advice I got was to keep working out and just plain moving until the very end! It makes recovery so much easier! One thing I wish I had been told was to trust my gut and know that whatever is causing me to pull my hair out will probably pass in a matter of days! I did too much double guessing of myself in those first 6 months!

  2. michelle says

    MY best advice is to let you husband rub your back on a nightly basis! I had terrible back pain and he was such a blessing through all 3 of my pregnancies! I also recommend enjoying each moment no matter what even if you aren’t feeling the best. We aren’t sure if we will try for more and it saddens me a bit because time just flies so fast. Its such a miracle to have a little life growing inside of you and not everyone gets to enjoy that blessing.

  3. Laurel says

    I’ve been a dancer all my life and am planning to get pregnant soon. I’m worrying about many things, especially how to keep in shape! The best advice I received when I worried I wouldn’t know what to do is “you and the baby will grow together.” Relieved a lot of my fears!

  4. Abby says

    I’m a loyal IGE reader, and stop over here sometimes. Just a quick note- I recently did my first month at The Bar Method in Denver (Cherry Creek). I love it!!!! If you get the chance to go, I recommend Leslie. She’s my favorite teacher. :-)

  5. Caitlin Restivo says

    I have heard so much about Barre and have been dying to try it! The closest studio is pretty far from my house though, this video would be perfect as I’m 6 months along :) The best advice I’ve received is to not listen to anyone’s advice and follow your own instinct. I don’t think I’ll follow this advice either, haha, but listen to one or two mom friends whom I admire :)

  6. natalie says

    i’m still super early in pregnancy and so we haven’t told many people yet, meaning i haven’t receive much advice yet…which is okay with me :) however, i plan to keep up my workouts and this would be a great addition to my dvd collection!!

  7. Marcie says

    Best advice: Listen to everybody’s comments, suggestions, opinions, and advice with a smile..and then do what YOU feel is best for you and your baby ;)

  8. Isela G. says

    I’d love to win! I’m due late September. Surprisingly, I haven’t gotten much advice at all! The best would probably be keeping a pregnancy journal to document all the changes, feelings, and thoughts. Already, it’s fun to look back and read through it.

  9. Megan says

    Best advice I gave myself this go round (baby 2 due in sept): get at least one maternity dress if showing in the summer months! Just wore one out yesterday and felt stylish for once!
    Other advice I learned the hard way was give breastfeeding the best chance you can, and if it doesn’t work (I had low supply), cry about it for a minute and then move forward. Hold, snuggle, love on your baby, let her nurse for the closeness of it and then feed her a bottle. Don’t believe others when they say you can just power through all breastfeeding issues.
    Oh, and take videos of the simple moments – it’s amazing how much you forget about their little sounds and expressions in those first few months!

  10. Kathy H says

    Best advice: wear a maternity belt for round ligament pain. Is been the best help this time around. Baby #2 due in Sept . I would live the chance to win this. I had been doing boot camp until beginning of month 6 and then stopped to save money.

  11. Amy says

    Best advice – continue your workout routine! I was told to continue working out as your body allows. A fit mama is a happy mama!

  12. Ashley says

    I love barre classes and would definitely put this DVD to good use! I’m due in October with my first, and I’m continuously blown away by the things people say. From telling me what clothes I should wear to commenting on my growing breasts, the strange comments keep coming!!

  13. Kate says

    oooh I would love this DVD! I am starting to get low back pain at 6 months in to my pregnancy and this would be wonderful to do. I’m getting tired of women sarcastically saying “Good luck” and rolling their eyes when I say I’m hoping for a natural childbirth :)

  14. Jill says

    It’s not really advice, but I was an 8th grade teacher at the time of my first pregnancy, and I couldn’t believe how all the kids wanted to touch my belly all. the. time. Weird!

  15. says

    Ooo! I’d love to win! Baby #2 is due in October and I’m feeling rather large and out of shape this go round…hopefully the Bar Method DVD could help a motha out! As for pregnancy advice? When it came to natural ways to induce labor (sex, castor oil, hot foods, lots of walking, etc.)…I tried it all and nothing worked! I quickly learned that baby will come when baby is ready. :)

  16. Leslie Chui says

    Advice from my husbands VERY traditional Chinese grandmother: stop eating hot peppers and your face won’t look like that!

    Lol pregnancy made me break out like crazy and didn’t care much to cover it, just to keep it clean. I don’t even eat ‘hot peppers’ !!!

  17. says

    Craziest mommy advice: not necessarily mommy advice, but a question instead. “So do you just automatically know what to do now that you’ve had your baby?” OMG. This was in the midst of trying to convince my short-tongued baby how to breastfeed and lots of sleepless nights. I wanted to punch them in the face. On and they also then proceeded to unswaddle my baby too. Needless to say, I was not at my finest during that visit. I certainly didn’t punch anyone in the face but I wasn’t the most pleasant either :)

  18. Jeanie says

    Craziest Momma to Be advice – when I was breast feeding my daughter (who is now on the verge of being 14) I had an OVER ABUNDANCE of milk. I couldn’t pump fast enough. To ease the pain and the “pressure”, my nurse told me to line my bra with cabbage leaves.

    Crazy….but it worked. Stinks though… LOL! and is a tad awkward!

    Special Note: Don’t go out in public with cabbage leaves still tucked in your bra! LOL!!

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