Fantastic Fridays


Before I launch into this week’s fantastic finds, please consider joining me in supporting those impacted by the devestating tornados in Oklahoma this week. The images are haunting and the stories about the children, particularly, are heart wrenching. It will take all of us to rebuild what was lost.


This weekend my goddaughter has her first dance recital. I cannot wait to see her twinkling toes and sparkling face on stage. She’s little, so fingers crossed she doesn’t FREAK on stage. Although, that would be pretty adorable, too! :)

As the week rounds out, relax with some of my most fantastic online finds. Click the blue “Fantastic” link to go directly to the source page.

Fantastic Dinosaurs: Is there anything cuter than a little boy all dressed up? Finn still occasionally throws on his Halloween costume (Buzz Lightyear). It’s amazing to see the transformation. Lately, it’s Spiderman and dinosaurs. He would FLIP for this!


Fantastic Freak Fruit: I don’t know why you would ever do this, but it’s interesting to know it could happen! The first time I saw the picture I thought we were dealing with a goofy summer candle. Square watermelon… who knew?


Fantastic Yum: Oh, dear. These look pretty fantastic, right? I never got into toffee until the last few years. It is delightful for an occasional treat! And with some dairy-free chocolate? Win!


Fantastic Maxi: I usually don’t rock the maxi because I end up looking like a maxi dress. Not a girl in a maxi dress, mind you, just the actual maxi dress. You see, I’m about 2 inches too short for the floor grazing trend. As such, I will stand in my wedge-sandled-shortness and simply lust after this skirt. But if you are tall enough and so inclined, GET THIS! Please.


Fantastic Dip: I can’t tell you when the last time was I actually ate Ranch dressing, and Finn has never tasted it. I wonder if he’d even like this. Hmmm. Dare I open this can of worms?


Fantastic Cool Down: We make popsicles every year, but I’ve never added anything beside fruit. The chia seeds are a great idea! (By the way… these popsicle holders are available at Bed Bath and Beyond. They contain the “drip” and allow for some little-boy-approved slurping.)


Fantastic Reminder: But you ARE and CAN BE that person. Remember that. Now go and change the world…

Hold You Back

Fantastic Face: I kid you not, I laughed until I cried the first time I saw this little dude. Anytime I need a little pick-me-up, I think of this face. AHHHH!!!!

A Team

Fantastic Space Saver: This is so great! Hide the books, the “guys,” the stuff that needs a home. A huge win for cozy homes (like ours!)

Space Saver

Fantastic Kids Craft: Finn loves watching the birds fly and “find breakfast” each morning. He enjoys the bird feeder, but a hands-on project he creates to feed the birds? I can hear his giggle now!


Enjoy your long weekend! Anything fun planned? Here’s to a fantastic LONG weekend to you and yours!



  1. Molly says am I the only one who is missing the kids photo’s on friday? BRING THEM BACK! lol. it was truly the highlight of your blog.

    • says

      Ahhhh…. this cracks me up!! I’ve heard this from a few people, “are we EVER going to see the kids again?!?!” So, yes! I’ll add some next week to mix it up :)

  2. says

    Cute stuff! HJ would love the dinosaur tail :) I am only 5’2″, so maxi dresses and skirts don’t work for me either. However, I always hold them up to see if they are short enough. While at wal-mart a few weeks back I passed the clothing section to see a black maxi was the right length…and only $12!! Super comfy :)

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