Fantastic Fridays


Finn starts his “Little Ninjas” class tomorrow. My fingers are crossed he’s going to love it since he insists on being a ninja or a super hero nearly every day. His latest is “Bat Cap Sword Super.” Yep, that’s his name! He wears his Bat-man mask, defends with his Captain America shield, battles with his sword (ahem, a swiffer duster), and flies with his Superman cape firmly attached. It’s hilarious to see the transformation!

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Although the bitter cold might be behind us, snow is on the way. Bundle up this weekend and enjoy my most fantastic online finds. Click the blue “Fantastic” link to go directly to the source page.

Fantastic Progress: Many are touting the news that General Mills has said they will remove GMOs in their original Cheerios. This is big news, but it won’t change our buying habits. This has yet to be verified GMO-free, and it comes from a company that has paid millions to ensure you and I (American consumers) don’t have the right to know what’s in our food by labeling genetically modified organisms. While this is a giant step forward – and one to be celebrated if it can be verified – we will continue to buy our “Os” from GMO-free verified sources.

Cheerios GMO

Fantastic CUTE: I have been borderline obsessed with winter boots this year. You see, last year my (really ugly) go-to black boots finally started falling apart. So, instead of holding onto them knowing if they were accessible I wouldn’t buy new ones, I tossed them. We are many snows into the year and I’m still bootless as I’ve gone back and forth between 3 or 4 pairs for months… and some are selling out. Augh. And then I saw these.  Goodness, I just need to make a choice!


Fantastic Treat: My cousin’s wife (and my dear friend), Holly, passed this along to me the other week on Pinterest. Genius. I have a bag of Enjoy Life that half-melted this past summer and I’ve been waiting for a “melty” chocolate recipe. Clearly, this is it!

Chocolate Cups

Fantastic Flashback: Do you have pictures of you and your parents from childhood you just love? I know I do. What a sweet gift to recreate with your own children.

Mom Image

Fantastic Warmth: Just looking at this picture makes me want to snuggle up on the couch with a hot tea and cheesy movie. Can I do that sometime soon? And can someone knit me a mug cover while I rest? :)


Fantastic DIY: Cleaning the floors is my standard Sunday duty. At some point during those 24 hours, the floors will be swept and washed. It’s necessary with two little kids, and almost triple necessary in the sloshy, winter months. I loathe buying Swiffer sheets. Thankfully, I never will again now!

Reusable Swiffer

Fantastic Smoothie: We love liquid breakfasts at our house. Sometimes I’m a little “over” the whole GREEN smoothie recipe madness, ya know? This looks insanely delightful. We always have fresh pomegranate, so I might try those with added water this weekend. Just so much yum.


Fantastic Quote: This gets me every time I read it! My dream house will have a specially designed print of this in the kitchen. It’s a remainder for all of us.

Food Medicine

Fantastic Voice: I love Lea Michele. Love her. I made Justin download the movie New Years Eve to watch on NYE. Totally cheesy, but I loved it. (Justin, for the record, slept through it.) I can’t wait for Lea’s full album to come out later this year. This girl is a class act!

Here’s to a fantastic weekend!



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