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I’m fairly certain I’d like to enter a time warp. A place where summer carries on forever and the dawning of a new (first!) school year is not in any foreseeable future. Some paperwork for pre-school came this last week and I just can’t believe this is happening! As such, I expect lots of denial and a little wine this weekend from all of you. That way we can all be sure we are doing the same thing :)

As the week rounds out, relax with some of my most fantastic online finds. Click the blue “Fantastic” link to go directly to the source page.

Fantastic Sweet: A real-life, homemade Almond Joy without junk, crap and garbage? Score!

Almond Joy

Fantastic Mom Invention: You get to the point when you simply don’t have enough limbs. Solution? Wear your children, especially if you have multiples, to maintain two free hands. One more reason moms are incredible!


Fantastic Easy Dish: I love anything with avocado and I (even more so) love anything easy. This is a double win in my book!

Avocado Spaghetti

Fantastic Mantle Decor: I cannot find the source of this image, but what a great DIY mantle spread for the winter months. Momma likey!


Fantastic Gauge: Where is your state? How do you compare with your state’s average? I sure hope you’re doing better. We all have some work to do!


Fantastic Caviar: I have to know… who has done this? Is it rough? Do they fall off easily? Catch easily? Peel your nails? This trend looks incredible, maybe not for a SAHM, but incredible nonetheless!


Fantastic Frugal Find: I’m always on the lookout for ways to make staples from scratch. This could not look any simpler!


Fantastic Mod: I’m not sure what I like more… the stripes, the texture or the skirt poof. Pretty sure I could live happily ever after with all.


Fantastic Color Pop: What a great addition for a drab city block. I’m tempted to do this on my street, but I’m not sure my neighbors would approve. ;) So simple, too. Just two holes in the back of a decorated coffee can with wire running through. Maybe (when our tree grows), we could do this in the front yard. Ohhhh… or on our columns by the front door!


Fantastic Memory: Although we didn’t spend the 4th on the Cape this year, I did run across this perfectly picturesque cottage that I must own one day. Looks so Cape-like, but we need a few more hydrangeas out front to “Hyannis” the place up!


Fantastic Cuff: Classy, simple, perfection.


Fantastic Kindness:

Be Kind

Fantastic Jam: She’s baaa-ack! “Holler if ya hear me!” (Name that BS tune!) If you can’t, just enjoy some Ooh La La featuring Queen B’s adorable little sidekicks!

Have a fantastic weekend!



  1. Laura says

    I have the Twingaroo twin carrier and LOVE it!Super easy to use and just pull out of the car when I need to run into the store with my twins!

  2. Lindsey says

    Can we talk about how happy I am to see this new Britney video? She looks the happiest and healthiest I’ve seen her in years. I can’t help but root for her!

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