Family Photo Friday


This is Finn’s Quad-Fav.

Favorite hat.
Favorite shirt.
Favorite show. (2-hour road trip)
Favorite Bunny.

What more could a little boy want?

Hope your weekend if filled with FAVORITES!


And I wanted to share this upcoming fitness fundraiser. Annali is my dear friend’s niece. What they are going through is unfathomable, but we can help! Grab your sweats. Grab your gal-pals. Grab your mom. Please join us to support Annali and her family…

Get Fit For A Cause

Saturday, March 30th, 10:00 AM

Walnut Hills Elementary Gym, West Des Moines

About Annali:

Annali is in need of a liver transplant.  She has hepatoblastoma (an inoperable cancerous tumor liver tumor). She is 17 months old, currently undergoing chemotherapy at the Leid Transplant Center in Omaha, NE.

Boot Camp

ALL fitness levels welcome!  Come get your sweat on with a boot camp style work out.  There will be a drawing to win 6 free weeks of fitness camp! Tickets for the drawing are $1!


We are looking for donations of clothes (she’s a size 2T), books, toys, or financial contributions to help get her through chemo and on her way to a liver transplant!





  1. Jessica H says

    Hey Kerry, Do you know how I can get some toddler toys to Annali, I’m in Omaha? Can i just drop off at hospital? I don’t have 2T clothes yet. Just went through our toys for garage sale, would rather donate. Thanks!

    • Kerry says

      Hi, Jessica –
      Thank you for offering to drop things off at the hospital. At this time I don’t believe they are accepting donations at the hospital right now, but I’m sure some Omaha options will come up soon. I will keep you posted! THANK YOU!!

    • Kerry says

      Are you able to stop by that day and drop them off? You don’t have to participate… can just deliver them. If not let me know and we can coordinate. THANK YOU. Makes my heart happy!

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