Family Photo Friday


Meet Evie, my two ‘toofer’ girl…

“You’re gonna love me.”

“Yah, you… I promise. You’re gonna love me.”

“YESSSS! So glad you love me!”

Hoping you and yours have a weekend full of smiles, joy and love!



  1. Julie says

    Here I am in the hospital bed; soon will be here 1 and 1/2 weeks…and I opened my hotmail just to ‘catch up’….and instead have been absolutely delighted with these photos!

    Thank you for posting them.

    Your little one just made my day!


  2. Sharon Bonnett says

    Three very different expressions and all absolutely adorable!!!!
    Evie looks more like you every day, Kerry.

    I notice the amber necklace. A doctor in St. Joseph really promotes those. Does Evie wear hers all of the time?

    • Kerry says

      I do believe she is my mini!

      Yes, it’s baltic amber and she wears it all the time (sleep and bath time included). Of course I can’t say for sure if that’s what settled her while working on her teeth, but she did seem much more calm after a few days wearing it. Finn never had the problems she had. Maybe that’s because she’s ALL GIRL!!!

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