DIY Day: Glass Stovetop Cleaner


Who has a glasstop stove and HATES cleaning the glasstop stove? If we were facing one another now, you would see both my arms in the air waving frantically as I jump up and down. I mean, I HATE cleaning that thing because no matter what I buy or how hard I scrub, the dumb thing NEVER looks clean. Add to the fact our stovetop is black, which shows EVERY burn, stain, crumb and dust particle.

Thanks (again) to Pinterest, we have a solution! Behind the Stuido posted incredibly easy, step-by-step instructions using hot water, soap, and baking soda.

No need for me to retype Jayna’s great instructions, just hop over to her DIY post and follow the steps.

My stove was a hot mess! After the first soak, it looked alot better but still needed some love. It took letting the hot (think scalding) soapy water soak into the baking soda twice before it really cleaned up the mess, so don’t be alarmed if it looks like a little more elbow grease is in order after the first scrub. The result is well worth your time!

Happy Cleaning!



  1. Stacey Villarreal says

    I love your house rules sign..Please share with me where your mother in law got it and the price..I want one as well..Thank you so much. Stacey Villarreal

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