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Following up from yesterday, Dr. Tyler Molstre at True Life Wellness digs into how chiropractic could be beneficial for your family, specifically your children.  Not sure if chiropractic is right for you? Make sure to check out our post yesterday explaining what chiropractic is all about.

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As mentioned in my previous post, chiropractic addresses the nervous system, which controls every single cell in the body. Without direct communication from the brain, cells in the body cannot carry out day-to-day functions such as digestion, fighting infections, beating the heart, and normal healing. Nervous System dysfunction prevents proper development and reduces a child’s health potential.


Chiropractic adjustments for adults differ significantly from those performed on newborns. Often the chiropractor will use light fingertip pressure on the baby’s neck or back to adjust the baby’s spine. The pressure applied is similar to that used in testing the ripeness of a tomato. Baby adjustments are incredibly gentle. I’ve adjusted babies that slept through the adjustment!


You may wonder what age it is “safe” to have a baby adjusted. I adjust many of my patients’ babies within hours of being born. I adjusted my own daughter before she was an hour old! This is important because many infants are born with a nervous system that is already obstructed, even in a natural birth or home birth. Look at the following three studies:

1. Abraham Towbin, M.D., a Harvard University pathologist, found evidence of common spinal injury as a result of the birthing process. He quotes, “Spinal cord and brain stem injuries occur often during the process of birth but frequently escape diagnosis. Respiratory depression in the baby is a cardinal signal of such injury.”

2. In a study performed by Viola Fryman, D.O., over 1,500 babies were examined within the first five days of birth. This study revealed that approximately:

  • 10% of the newborn babies had perfect, freely mobile skulls or cranial mechanisms.
  • 10% had severe trauma to the head, evident even to untrained observers.
  • The remaining 80% all had some strain patterns in the cranial mechanism.

Therefore, this study revealed that at least 90% of the babies involved had suffered birth trauma and associated strain through the neck and cranial areas.

3. Dr. Gutmann examined more than 1,000 infants and concluded that approximately 80% of all newborns had some form of nerve dysfunction. He commented that many health problems may arise from nerve dysfunction, including a lowered resistance to infections with the ears, nose and throat.

It is important to note that 65% of the development of the brain and nervous system occurs in your child’s first year. It is therefore imperative to ensure that your baby has every opportunity to maximize their nerve function during this critical period in their development.


Ten Reasons Parents Take Their Children to a Chiropractor:

1. To maximize their child’s neurological development.
2. To enhance their child’s overall health and well-being.
3. To strengthen immunity and reduce the incidence of colds, earaches and general illness.
4. To help with colic.
5. To help with asthma and allergies.
6. To improve spinal posture.
7. To improve their child’s concentration.
8. To assist with behavior disorders.
9. To alleviate bed wetting and digestive problems.
10. To assist with sleep issues.

Your child’s health is their greatest asset.

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Dr. Tyler Molstre is the Wellness Expert and founder of True Life Wellness, a family wellness center. He graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2004 from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, one of the premier chiropractic colleges in the world. After losing his older sister to cancer when he was a teenager, Dr. Tyler set his sights on a career of helping people get healthy. As he learned more about how the human body functioned, he grew passionate about preventing illness and disease—which led him to chiropractic. Dr. Tyler utilizes the Gonstead Technique, which is a very thorough and specific technique that is both gentle and safe for people of any age. He especially enjoys caring for children and mothers-to-be during pregnancy. Dr. Tyler loves spending time with his wife and daughter, being outdoors, spending time in nature and with God. As a former athlete, Dr. Tyler works out regularly, loves reading and watching movies.

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As I shared in my original post, one of the ways we help rebuild our immune strength (especially when sick) is by taking Congaplex. Congaplex Chewables are a great option for kids or adults who aren’t fond of swallowing pills.


Dr. Tyler is sharing one full-sized bottle of Congaplex Chewables with one lucky reader.

To enter, comment on this post sharing what you’ve learned about chiropractic or what questions you still have.

Comments must be posted by Thursday at 7p CST. The winner will be announced Friday morning.

Good Luck!!



  1. Katrina says

    My husband has terrible seasonal allergies and asthma. I would love to know more about how a chiropractor can help with those ailments. Great article, I have never considered seeing a chiropractor because I don’t have back pain.

    • says

      Like you, I thought it was just for back pain!!

      Justin had terrible allergies before seeing a chiropractor regularly. Now they hardly bother him at all. I’ll see if I can get more specifics on this for you.

  2. Katie says

    My husband and his family went to a chiropractor growing up and when we got married I started going, and then our kids went too. I think it has helped in so many ways. I think it helped me during my pregnancies and labor, I think getting adjusted just puts you in a better mood.

  3. Jessica H says

    We all go to the chiropractor in my family. It has helped tremendously. I would like to hear more about the benefits of treatment during pregnancy, as this is when I notice the biggest benefits for myself.

  4. Sarah Perry says

    I have IBS and had no idea chiropractic care would help.. Im going to start looking for a Dr in Omaha to see if I can get some relief.

  5. Liz says

    I’ve learned from these posts that chiropractic care is beneficial for people of all ages and that it is used to treat a lot more symptoms than just back or neck pain. Very interesting!


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