Chemical-free Cleaning with Norwex

I use a handful of products to clean our house, mainly Thieves Cleaner (order through Young Living), Honest Company, and Norwex.

Today I want to share some information from my friend Teresa, who is also a Norwex consultant.  I bought a “pack” of cloths from her years ago that I still use today.  What I love most about these cloths is that they don’t require any extra cleaners.  I clean my windows and mirrors with water and the cloth. Same goes for sinks and countertops. I also have the dust mitt that requires no “polish” or Pledge-like oil.  I find this mitt is extra helpful in our new house with railings and spindles in the entryway.


I’ve always been curious about other Norwex products and how they work, so I asked her to tell me more. As I started reading, it only made sense to share her information with all of you in case you’re heard about or wondered about how Norwex works.

Here’s Teresa…

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Once you start using Norwex to clean your home, you’ll never go back to the old way of cleaning!

Cleaning with Norwex will:

  • Save you TIME – a more efficient way to clean your entire home.
  • Save you MONEY – eliminate disposable cleaning chemicals & tools.
  • Improve your HEALTH – reduce exposure to toxins in common household cleaners .
  • Improve the health of our EARTH – durable, effective, reusable products mean less waste & compromise to the health of our planet.

Norwex products work so well! They make cleaning fast, easy, and well, actually FUN! Norwex products use Antibac (antibacterial) microfiber that allows you to clean with just water. I’m able to clean my house and get streak-free windows with just water, and in a fraction of the time it used to take. It’s especially great for anyone with children, allergies, asthma, or pets, because you are able to dramatically reduce the chemical usage in your home.

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 3.14.23 PMOne of the most popular products (and the kit Kerry uses) is the household package which includes one enviro cloth, one window cloth and one dust mitt. No chemicals or additional solvents required.  Just these 3 cloths and water! You will be amazed how clean your windows will be with simply water and how long your furniture will stay dust-free by using the dust mitt.

3 Piece Kit

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Over the next week, Teresa will be joining me online for a special “My Wise Mom meets Norwex” virtual party.  Join our Facebook event and learn more about one product every day.  Teresa will help answer questions and share videos of how the products actually work. (You must JOIN the event to see the posts and product videos.)

Shopping online is easy by going to: At checkout you will be asked, ‘Should we credit this order to a Norwex Host?’ Click on ‘Yes, help me find my host’, and enter: Kerry Wise. The order will be shipped directly to you.

Please place your order by Thursday, August 28th and join this Facebook event now!