Pause Button

Hello, wonderful readers!

I apologize for my delays and lack of posting lately. Life seems to have caught up with me. After announcing our pregnancy and spending a week in the hospital with Finn, I’ve realized I need to remove a few things from my plate.

Right now, sadly, one of those things in blogging.

It grieves me to step back, but I know with everything else going on right now, this is something that I need to do for our family.

What this blog has been and what it means to me, what each of you as readers means, is something special. I’ve been so inspired by your stories and your journeys navigating food allergies and removing harmful and unnecessary chemicals and ingredients from your families lives.

This places has been a place of healing for me after everything started clicking with Finn, and how angry I was when I realized that food… processed, manufactured “food”… played a role in his body rejecting real food.

This is not goodbye, but it is PAUSE for now!


I do plan to continue sharing and engaging with you on my Facebook page, so if you haven’t already, please LIKE MyWiseMom on Facebook. I will share news of our baby (and of course Finn and Evie updates), our 2015 garden, articles of interest, new products, and general thoughts on working to be a non-processed family in a processed world.

If you’ve been interested in Whole30, join the MyWiseMom Whole30 Facebook page, as well.  I really believe in Whole30 and plan to do another full 30 days soon, perhaps before Baby Beefcake arrives, and certainly one after.

And if you find yourself interested in essential oils and want to talk through questions, feel free to email me: MyWiseMom at gmail dot com.

Perhaps once we settle into our “new normal” after our little guy arrives this summer, I will be able to return to blogging in a different capacity than I have in recent months. Time will tell.

In the meantime, let’s stay connected on Facebook and let’s continue to do the best we can for our families.

Some of my favorite food heros you should follow, too, include:

Carrie Vitt – Deliciously Organic
Danielle Walker – Against All Grain
Dr. Mercola
Dr. Mark Hyman
Genevieve – Mama Natural
John and Ocean Robbins – Food Revolution
Max Goldberg – Living Maxwell
Vani Hari – Food Babe

Be well. Be  healthy.

Newest Addition

Good Morning!  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Justin and I are looking forward to a morning date Saturday with brunch and some downtime. We’ve swapped our evening dates with Saturday morning dates because, let’s be honest, we’re both toast by the end of the day. And if we’re really being honest, I’m usually falling asleep on the couch around 8:30p.

I wake up super early to work out (alarm is set for 4:50a*), so my brain functioning much past 7:45p is a stretch. Actually, my brain doesn’t really function beyond 4p, but my body has to keep going a bit longer to get through dinner time and the kids bed time routine.

Because Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate all things wonderful and lovely, I thought it would be the best time to share with you that the Wise family, and my belly, is expanding! Baby Wise #3 will be here by June and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome this little baby into our family. (My brother and sister-in-law will be having a baby a few weeks before ours, which makes this baby extra special to have such a close-in-age cousin!)


You’ve likely noticed my postings dwindle in the last few months. Well, this is the reason – secret’s out! It’s tough work growing kids and raising kids at the same time. Holy smokes!

I have to share my mindset of each pregnancy because it’s changed so much. I think many of you with more than 1 child will relate:

Baby #1: Pure joy and excitement. Everything is new and exciting and confusing and wonderful and filled with anxiety. There’s so much planning and researching and guessing. There’s a weekly picture documenting how your belly has grown and how you feel. It’s honestly bliss.

Baby #2: It’s still such excitement, but now it’s mixed with anxiety for how you are most assuredly ruining child #1′s life, wondering how they will ever possibly adapt and adjust. You rarely take weekly belly bump photos and often have to remind yourself how far along you are.

Baby #3: Wait, when am I due? How far along am I? Take a picture of me and die. Should I schedule an appointment? Oh my gosh, I’m huge. Are we sure we aren’t having twins? I should really make an appointment. This pregnancy thing is overrated… just give me the baby :)

Of course, every time I start to think about this, I think of my Grandma. She did this FIVE MORE TIMES, my dad is the oldest of eight. Now that woman is a saint! Saint Grandma… that’s what I’m going to call her from now on.

The kids have been so wonderful about this baby. They have named the baby “Baby Scoob-a-Doo,” “Baby Margaret,” “Baby Daniel,” and “Baby Henry.”  Both kids are actually rooting for a girl. Finn thinks baby boys just cry and baby girls are extra sweet. He swoons over his best friend’s little sister, Rowan. He eats her up whenever she’s around and keeps saying he wants a “Baby Rowan” at the house. I think he really is pulling for a girl because he’s a caretaker and already protective of Evie. He likes the thought of having another girl to protect.

We debated, but finally decided to have Finn and Evie join us last week at the gender revealing ultrasound. I didn’t know how they’d do, but they were amazing! They sat patiently and were in awe at what they were seeing. The heartbeat, the face, the feet, the hands.  This baby instantly wiggled into Finn and Evie’s hearts!


And of course… the gender revealing BOY PARTS! I’ll keep that picture in the family, though! :)

The kids warmed up to the idea quickly and are now over the moon about a baby brother joining our family.  My best friend has always said, “boys need brothers,” and she’s right. The world can only handle one Evie… she’ll fend for herself no matter who is around… but Finn and this baby will have a special brother bond. Finn just takes people in.

Since being pregnant, one of my favorite places has been reconnected with my vehicle…


Thank you all shopping locations who offer this, particularly when I have Finn and Evie with me, PARTICULARLY when it’s freezing out with insane snow amounts. Virtual high-five!

Blogging has been tough as I usually write during Evie’s nap and when the kids go to bed. However, I’m now KO’ed on the couch during those times now, so bare with me.  I’m working through what this will look like :)

I hope you all have the best Valentine’s Day weekend! After college I would always come home and take my Grandma out for lunch on Valentine’s Day. So, don’t sulk or hate on Valentine’s Day if you aren’t in a relationship… find someone to love for the day. There’s plenty of people out there!

Much love to all of you!  What are your Valentine’s Day plans? Are you celebrating anything extra lovely this weekend?

If you have 2 or more babies, how did you feel differently during your pregnancies?

* For those who continue to workout during pregnancy or those who recently had a baby and are getting back in the swing of things, please read this article. I’ve referred back to it every time I need to give myself some slack. I’ve had to quit doing a few things at CrossFit (hand stand push-ups, box jumps, and deep squats), but continue with every thing else… just slower. My coach is fantastic and regularly reminds me to keep my heart rate in check. I tend to push too hard. It’s tough to pull back, but I know it will reverse someday soon. All in good time. Your body is building and sustaining life… give yourself some grace! *


Welcome to 2015… Finally!

Okay, okay, okay. I suppose I fibbed a little. Who noticed?

My intent on getting back to blogging early January simply didn’t happen… clearly.  The craziness of the holiday, the fun of having 2 wild munchkins running around with their heads cut off, the transition back into “real life” just required a little more down time. But, I’m here! I’m finding my “new normal” for 2015 when it comes to blogging, too.

Welcome to 2015… finally! We are gearing up for a fun year in our house and are celebrating the chaos that was the holidays.


So what was the Wise Crew up to during our time off? Here’s the down and dirty:

  • watching Finn perform (stand still) during his school Christmas program
  • celebrating Christmas with both our families
  • holiday nails (the kids flipped!)
  • falling asleep on NYE at 9:15p (pretty sure Justin made it until 10p)
  • getting some house decorating goals accomplished (the mirror and print will not stay)
  • agreeing on plans and color schemes for other rooms (timeline is still debatable)
  • hosting my neighborhood Bunco group
  • Cedar Falls trip with good friends for a UNI basketball game and trip to The OP
  • celebrating my dad’s retirement with a company party
  • flashlight dance parties
  • regular morning stand-off with Evie about wearing pants (our max time was 90 minutes)
  • working on potty trainingimage1

I know I’m probably a day late, but I’d love to hear the highlight of your last month!