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  • ^^ This girl ^^ right there met Princess Elsa this weekend at the library. She also slept in her big girl bed all weekend without problem. She may have asked to sing “My Girl” 3 more times than normal and ask for “hug and kiss” 6 times more than usual, but we made it. So proud of her!
  • Finn earned a well-deserved afternoon out with his best friend, Ryder. My sweet friend Jennie took Finn and Ryder to a fall festival Saturday afternoon (in costume) and later for Italian ice. The child was on cloud 9 when he came home!
  • Justin and I have been battling “the fall cough.” Justin actually had bronchitis last week. Augh. So we took the advice of the internet and downed lots of fresh juiced pineapple juice. Know what? IT HELPED!!!!! Do this next time you have a cough. (Note: canned pineapple juice does not have the bromelain levels.)

Happy Halloween Week! Will you dress up? What are your kids going to be? 


My Mommy Mind

  • Justin and I had tickets to the So You Think You Can Dance tour in Ralston, NE, last Thursday. Justin, in case you’re wondering, enjoyed the local brew, Lucky Bucket :) Insanely fun night out!

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  • The following day, we bundled the kids up so my parents and I could take the kids to a local pumpkin patch. They loved it! Finn even did a “made for kids” zip line. Once was enough for that cautious monkey, though. The highlight was the hay rack ride.


  • My dad and Finn raked and jumped in leaves later that day. This is much more fun for the kids, right? All that raking… not awesome!


  • This morning we made the slight error sending Justin off to work with the carseats in his car. I noticed this just as we were about to get into our car for school.  Oh boy. Unexpected 30 minutes to play in the rain. They didn’t mind!Rain

What was the highlight of your weekend? 


My Mommy Mind


  • This wall.  This will is going to be end of me. I’ve made some more progress, but blame this wall from keeping me from you last week. Oye. (#neverstencilingagain)
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  • Finn has school pictures this week. My only goal is that I send him to school looking presentable. After that it’s up to him! The dress in my 2nd grade picture is slathered with toothpaste. Apparently I demanded to wear the green and purple stripped romper despite the white dollop. There was also the awkward middle school years. I think it mostly had something to do with perms and big bangs. Finn’s preschool picture will dominate!
  • Evie has started dropping one-words and one-liners at the most hilarious times. Favorites include, “absolutely” …. “no, yooooooou tooted,” …. “change my stinky buns, mama” …. “thank you you soooo much,” …. “oh no, Christmas is ruined” …. “HO HO HO, Merry Christmas” and my favorite, “I wuv you, too, mama.” Is there anything better than your child calling you “mama?” My favorite name. (Kids are obsessed with Christmas Mickey shows on Netflix.)

What do you most want to see in your child’s lifetime? Serious or funny thoughts welcome. Great class pictures? School lunch overhaul? An end to human trafficking? The Cubs to win? Tell me….