My Mommy Mind

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  • I think I bit off a little more than I can chew. I’m prepping for Finn’s birthday party this weekend, redoing a dresser for Evie’s big girl room, AND stenciling a main wall in our entryway.  And, in true Kerry-style, I started it all over the weekend. Let me tell you: I’m not a DIY/crafty kind of girl. But I’ve decided I’m going to be. I need a new hobby :)
  • So where are we now? The party is ready to rock and Evie’s drawers are done (the dresser itself still needs to be sanded, primed and painted – FOUR COATS!). However, the stenciling is a freakin’ train wreck which has required me to sand down the wall, repaint two coats and begin again. The stenciling. The insanity of detailed stenciling is going to be the end of me. Send help!
  • Finn let me know over the weekend, “you’re the best mommy I ever had…” Sure hope so, kiddo, because you’re not getting an upgrade!
  • Evie’s favorite response to anything lately is, “no, yoooooooou tooted!” Followed by a mischievous smile and laugh.
  • Another Nick’s Sticks sale is here! Through Thursday (9/11), use promo code BACK2SCHOOL to receive 10% on all orders up to $50, 12% on all orders of $50-$100, and 14% on all orders over $100.
  • Fall feels like it’s finally arrived in the midwest.  Sweatshirts, open windows, a shift in decorations. Fall also means a flare up of seasonal allergies for many. I’ve had multiple questions lately about Essential Oils for Seasonal Allergies. The link includes what we do for Finn. Perhaps it will be helpful to you, too!

What’s your (least) favorite thing about fall?

My Mommy Mind

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  • Hoping you all had a relaxing Labor Day weekend!  Is anyone confused by how many stores are CLOSED on Labor Day but OPEN on Thanksgiving and Christmas? Real weird!
  • Anyway…. Justin and I took part in our CrossFit’s workout of the day (WOD) Monday. It was a really fun “bro tanks and sweatbands” workout. And by fun, I mean our outfits were fun. The workout was just not! Well, it was…. it was fun when it was over :)  The workout was “Jag 28:” 800 meter run, 28 pull-ups, 28 kettle bell swings, 28 pull-ups, 28 clean and jerks, 800 meter run. The last 400 meters I was pretty certain I was going to toss my cookies.  I took a little walk break, pulled it together and finished. Whew.  (Notice the height challenges myself and 2 others face. Brutal.)
  • We shipped Finn back off to preschool today. I miss him already, but I know he is ready to be back, surrounded by learning and friends.  He was pretty nervous, I could tell, as he didn’t sleep well and was a little more soft-spoken than normal this morning. Tomorrow morning will be a new day!
  • Hate spiders like me? You’ll love Finn’s latest doozie: “God gave us feet so we could send spiders to heaven. I just smooshed a spider. Part of it’s here, part of it’s in heaven.” So matter of fact. Where does this come from in an almost 5 year old!?!?!

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My Mommy Mind


  • This is our last week of freedom before school rounds back up for Finn next week. I can hardly believe the bulk of my mornings with Finn is coming to a close. I’m seriously considering locking him in the basement in a “stop growing” chamber. I’ve been so lucky to be home with him and see him grow in these early years. He’s ready to see his buds and learn and grow, so I take a deep breath and let him fly.
  • Four Finn-free mornings means I get to spend some quality time with little Evie. The older she gets, the more she wiggles her way deeper into my heart. She is SO full of life and sass and personality. She’s so different from her brother, so I’m bracing myself for the adventures ahead!
  • I used to love Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Lattes. The year Finn was born I remember Justin bringing my first of the season mid-September after Finn’s birth. The last few years I’ve ordered a less and less as the the taste just wasn’t enjoyable any longer. Has the drink changed or my palette? Regardless, I’ve committed to buying zero Pumpkin Spice Latte’s this season and will advocate Starbuck’s provide transparency in ingredients, particularly providing allergy information online… which will be easy once full ingredient lists are disclosed.

Are you a pumpkin junkie when it comes time for fall? What is your favorite pumpkin treat? Have you found a way to enjoy it healthier?