My Mommy Mind


  • This is our last week of freedom before school rounds back up for Finn next week. I can hardly believe the bulk of my mornings with Finn is coming to a close. I’m seriously considering locking him in the basement in a “stop growing” chamber. I’ve been so lucky to be home with him and see him grow in these early years. He’s ready to see his buds and learn and grow, so I take a deep breath and let him fly.
  • Four Finn-free mornings means I get to spend some quality time with little Evie. The older she gets, the more she wiggles her way deeper into my heart. She is SO full of life and sass and personality. She’s so different from her brother, so I’m bracing myself for the adventures ahead!
  • I used to love Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Lattes. The year Finn was born I remember Justin bringing my first of the season mid-September after Finn’s birth. The last few years I’ve ordered a less and less as the the taste just wasn’t enjoyable any longer. Has the drink changed or my palette? Regardless, I’ve committed to buying zero Pumpkin Spice Latte’s this season and will advocate Starbuck’s provide transparency in ingredients, particularly providing allergy information online… which will be easy once full ingredient lists are disclosed.

Are you a pumpkin junkie when it comes time for fall? What is your favorite pumpkin treat? Have you found a way to enjoy it healthier?

My Mommy Mind

Pony Rides

  • We had a crazy, fun weekend in KC celebrating my toothless goddaughter turning SEVEN! Where does the time go?! In addition to the pony, there was a unicorn… a real, live unicorn! Finny even rode the unicorn (lovingly named Kate). Talk about all your wildest little kid dreams coming true! Both kids crashed for a bit on the drive home… win for me!
  • The car ride home went much smoother than the ride to KC.  Evie… who was suppose to be napping… decided instead to put on a chorus line show, complete with made-up songs like “I’m Spaghetti” and “I’m Super Girl.”  She also started hollering “Merry Christmas” at the top of her lungs. My threats to not attend the birthday party and “turn this car around” shockingly fell on deaf ears.


  • The kids had dentist appointments last week. We made it without tears or whines or sadness.  In fact, they asked to go back the next day. We’ve come a looooong way since Finn’s first 2 appointments!  Apparently Evie still does not have her 2 year molars, which are coming in now. I’ll chalk her recent sassiness up to “teething” :)
  • I can’t believe kids are heading back to school this week. Didn’t summer just begin? I thankfully have another few weeks with the Finnster before he begins. We’re going to enjoy the quiet parks and kids spots for the rest of the month.

What has been the highlight of your summer? For me, I’ve loved having the freedom to do so many things this summer. Last summer Evie was still napping in the morning, so we were hostage until she woke. This summer we were free to roam and tried to each morning!

My Mommy Mind

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 8.17.47 PM

  • Our awesome nugget nephew turned ONE Saturday. Finn and Evie did not understand why there wasn’t another party Sunday. Perhaps we celebrate too much in this house? Finn called Lincoln “Zarbie” for much of his first year. Sadly, he retired the name a few weeks ago. All Finn wanted Lincoln to have since he “was no longer zero and now one” was a superhero shirt, which Finn proudly picked out. Batman, of course. Cousin love!
  • Summer colds are the WORST, right?! I had a doozie last week complete with body aches and sinus headaches. I used these all-natural remedies (including an adjustment from our chiropractor and lots of sleep and water), and felt remarkably better each day moving forward. Oils, tea and adjustments FOR THE WIN!
  • My mission this month is to get Evie in a big girl bed. Girlfriend scales the rails like SpiderGirl and does 10 point gymnastics moves before she falls into a deep sleep each nap and night. It’s getting out of control.
  • This week I’ll be playing my first official game of Bunco during the monthly “Neighborhood Ladies Night.” I am legitimately nervous! I think I’m going to google strategies (and rules reminders).  Perhaps I’ll have beginner’s luck. Any Bunco tips for this newbie?

What’s on your calendar for the week?