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  • Once again my dearest friend flies off to save the world.  Erin and her family left Afghanistan earlier this year, only to find a new destination in Indonesia. May they soar above it all! Always inspired by her.
  • I finally did it! Chopped my hair. Too many inches to count are in a trash can, and I couldn’t love it more.  FREEDOM! (In a few weeks when I’m whining about not being able to pull it into a wet bun, tell me to HUSH!)
  • All Evie wants before she sleeps is “a kiss, a hug and a high five” from Finn. Any other time of day, she rejects his love. If he’s not in the mood, watch out! Evie’s going to get what Evie wants. (This statement also translated into leaving a full cart at Trader Joe’s last week because Evie demanded a sucker… now… which she never did receive after a loooong time once we arrived home. We’re talking screaming and crying, laying on the floor, full-on fit! Whoa. Sorry, TJ’s!)
  • Speaking of Trader Joe’s, when I went back this weekend (solo) to refill my cart with the items left (grrrrr), I overheard this amazing dialogue between mother and son.
    Son: Can we have some cereal, mom?
    Mom: Yes, you can choose one box but it has to have 6 grams of sugar of less.
    Me: That is awesome! You’re a great mom!
    I seriously walked away in smiles and cheering.
  • We leave this week for Boston. Two kids, two adults, one hotel room, five nights, one rental car, and lots of family. The kids are going to have the time of their lives with all the cousins and family who will eat them up, regardless of how little sleep they (or we) get. We can do this!

What are your best tips for travelling with little ones? Spill the beans!!!

My Mommy Mind

What a weekend! My days have been completely turned around for the last 96 hours. Thursday I thought it was Friday.  Friday was Saturday. Saturday felt like Sunday. You get it.

We spent the 4th with fantastic friends from our old neighborhood. I like to think we are honorary members of the old ‘hood. That or we are super annoying party crashers! :)  Given the chance to move back, we would. We love that dang circle and those people! Happy Birthday, America!

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We allowed the kids to stay up far past their usual 7p bedtime. The 4th might be Finn’s new favorite holiday! He and his BFF Ryder gave color and size commentary to the entire fireworks show. Lots of oohs and aahs and cheers and shouts! Insanely amusing and just how the 4th should be celebrated. They also had WAY too much sugar! Can you tell?


Evie was all about running around and getting in on the action. She was quite upset I wouldn’t let her hold a sparkler. Mom probs.


Around 10:45p we packed up and headed home. (I did say we let them stay up waaaaaay late, yes?) Finn crashed on the car ride home, literally 30 seconds after the car was in DRIVE. In classic Evie fashion, she stayed wide awake, just whispering “a nappy, a nappy.” Needless to say, this is what most of Saturday looked like around our house…


A new friend had the same idea and made her snuggly little home in our backyard for a few hours Saturday evening…


Now that we finally know what day it is, we are gearing up for Finn’s 2nd round of swim lessons starting today. We’re looking forward to getting back into our summer routine!

I hope you all had a safe and amazing 4th of July weekend with friends and family. What was the highlight of your holiday weekend?

My Mommy Mind


  • EEK! I’ve returned! Sorry for the absence. It’s been busy in the Wise house!
  • My cousin and his wife had their 3rd baby girl a month ago. I thought the best gift would be to swoop up the older girls for a day away with Aunt Kerry to give mom and baby a day of rest. It was a success! The girls and I picked blueberries at The Berry Patch, stopped to paint toenails, ate lunch and hit the pool. Needless to say, we all slept really well that night!
  • Last week I taught Boot Camp at Creative Movement Dance and helped with their competition auditions Saturday. Needless to say, my body is SHOT and I was in bed by 9p Saturday night. Zzzzz….
  • We just learned our new neighborhood LOVES fireworks. In fact, last Saturday a family a few houses down started shooting them off. Five minutes later a neighbor directly behind us came out to “answer” that family. Justin and I were out on the deck with some friends and were pretty sure someone was shooting a cannon directly at our faces! These people like fireworks, and they like BIG, LOUD fireworks!! Should be an interesting week :)

What are your amazing 4th of July plans?