My Mommy Mind

  • Christmas Week! We’ve been busy enjoying the season, gearing up for all the fun of this week. We are ready, especially the kids. I’m so excited for Christmas morning, but I don’t want the week to end!
  • My favorite time will likely be Christmas morning this year just because the kids are SO EXCITED. We stay in our PJ’s for hours, make pancakes and just snuggle and play before heading out for the rest of the day.  Let the chaos begin!
  • I will be taking an online hiatus until the New Year. We need this time as a family to rest, recharge, and relax. I’ll be back the week of January 5.
  • A high school friend unexpectedly lost her mother over the weekend. The filled-with-life grandmother to 11 — it’s just heartbreaking. Such a bittersweet reminder to how precious life is and how important to care for those around us. May this season be filled with bountiful reminders of just how lucky you are.
  • I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I look forward to lots more learning and engaging in 2015. Until then…. be healthy!

My Mommy Mind


  • Why do girls instantly make the pouty face? And where to do they learn it? As long as we can correct this by age 10, we’re good. I cannot handle the teenage ducky face pictures!!!!!!!!!!!! (Yes, it demands THAT many exclamation points.)
  • Daddy and the kids headed out for donuts and the Science Center Saturday while I had some ladies over to make some essential oil goodies for gifts and for themselves. Sugar scrubs, room sprays, relaxation roll-ons. It was so fun to use the oils for more than “basic” application. The sugar scrubs are by far my favorite so far! Do you handmake any holiday gifts?
  • Finn was in the Christmas program at church Sunday. They sang 2 songs, 1 of which not a single child sang a single word. For the 2nd song, Finn stood there motionless, desperate to jump off the stage. His school program is Thursday. He promises to sing and participate with all his buddies. I’m not holding my breath!
  • Finn’s Santa gift arrived last week. I had to stop myself from playing it more. I still need to put Evie’s gift together so it’s ready to go. I refuse to stay up until midnight Christmas Eve night slaving away this year!

The annual Santa question: do you wrap Santa gifts or leave them unwrapped under the tree? Justin and I have differing opinions and need some additional insight!


My Mommy Mind

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 2.07.29 PM

  • After much begging and empty promises to never whine again, the kids received their magical wish to visit Santa Saturday. I showed the kids their pictures with Santa from years past which included Evie in tears last year. She promised not to cry. She’s true to her word, although she was TERRIFIED of him. “Mommy, he’s scary!” She kept sinking lower and lower… I think she thought she would melt away with this maneuver.
  • Do your kids have the worst time wearing jeans? Finn despises jeans, certain they are the enemy. I get it. I prefer my sweats, too, but sweats aren’t always appropriate. Finn and I went on a mini shopping spree this weekend and found – and agreed – on ONE pair for special occasions. Evie on the other hand, demands to be fancy nearly every day.
  • Before I was home full-time, I worked in tobacco control.  I learned firsthand the deception that is the tobacco industry and the lengths gone to discredit and shame those working in the field. The same tactics are being used on those fighting for transparency in our food system. I’m so proud of the Food Babe for coming forward and sharing some of the attacks she’s faced. It’s shameful and disgusting, to say the least. It’s important to know what those of us who want transparency in our food are up against.
  • Gift Idea! Are any of you looking for a great gift idea for yourself that gives back? Check out  My friend Julie helped start this amazing hand-sewn program in South Africa that provides jobs to moms. There are some really cool items available right now.

What’s on your (not your kids!) Christmas wish list? If you could have anything – big or small, cheap or pricey, silly or serious – what would it be?