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Hello, wonderful readers!

I apologize for my delays and lack of posting lately. Life seems to have caught up with me. After announcing our pregnancy and spending a week in the hospital with Finn, I’ve realized I need to remove a few things from my plate.

Right now, sadly, one of those things in blogging.

It grieves me to step back, but I know with everything else going on right now, this is something that I need to do for our family.

What this blog has been and what it means to me, what each of you as readers means, is something special. I’ve been so inspired by your stories and your journeys navigating food allergies and removing harmful and unnecessary chemicals and ingredients from your families lives.

This places has been a place of healing for me after everything started clicking with Finn, and how angry I was when I realized that food… processed, manufactured “food”… played a role in his body rejecting real food.

This is not goodbye, but it is PAUSE for now!


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Perhaps once we settle into our “new normal” after our little guy arrives this summer, I will be able to return to blogging in a different capacity than I have in recent months. Time will tell.

In the meantime, let’s stay connected on Facebook and let’s continue to do the best we can for our families.

Some of my favorite food heros you should follow, too, include:

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Be well. Be  healthy.

Food Allergies in the Hospital

Finn recently spent 80+ hours in the hospital. For a child who has been incredibly healthy his entire 5 1/2 years, this was a miserable experience for him.

After waking up Monday morning with a swollen knee which he would put no weight on, a low fever, and looking like he hadn’t slept in days, we knew we needed to do something. Our family doctor couldn’t see him until the following day so we shipped off to the walk-in clinic, a first for our kids.

Walk in

After 5 hours at the walk-in clinic, we were sent to the OR/ER at a local hospital for further evaluation. What we thought was a twisted knee or some type of viral inflammation wasn’t.

Long story short, Finn had a bacterial infection in his knee. He was put through a lot. This was not his jam. At one point he even screamed, with clenched fists and neck veins popping, “you already took my bloooooood! No more blood until heaven!” Heart crushing.

Night 1

After an x-ray, numerous blood draws (lots of screaming), conscious sedation to test the fluid causing the inflammation (terrible reaction to that medicine), full anesthesia to go in and drain/flush the knee which included stitches and a wrap, Finn was mad. He didn’t understand what was happening (nor did we fully), and simply wanted to go home.

Every bit of natural healing desire in me struggled with what was happening, but I understood this was one example of a situation when western medicine was very important. We wanted our happy Finn back and trusted the doctors had his best interests at heart. I have to say, the doctors and nurses we encountered (and there were lots) were really fantastic at answering questions and explaining what was happening. I am grateful to them as I had lots of questions!

When the orthopedic surgeon who did the flush came for Justin and I in the waiting room to tell us Finn did great and they were able to flush out all of the infection, I couldn’t speak. I just hugged him and then lost it… again.

Day 2

One of the things that most bothered me in the hospital was the food. What was offered was abysmal, at best.

The first night, Finn was sent chicken broth and this drink. The order didn’t come from us, so I’m not sure who sent this.


I instantly thought this looked like a strange drink. Artificial flavor? What else was in this? It looks like a weird apple juice, right? Turn the box…


Oh yes, sugar, more processed sugar, and dairy followed by “natural” and artificial flavors and a long list of other ingredients I can’t pronounce. My eyes bugged out of my head! Not only was this not appropriate for my dairy-allergic son, the list of ingredients would not be helpful to a single person, regardless of allergy concerns. A sugary, chemical-filled drink to help make a sick person well?


It was almost 48 hours before Finn was able to eat. He was hungry and he wanted food. I opened the hospital menu and again, my eyes bugged out of my head. (Hospital logo covered with images below.)

Not only were less than a handful of items safe for him to eat, nearly zero items were healthy. When I asked the nurses what other options there were, they shrugged their shoulders with that look of, “sorry, this is all there is.”

Essentially, we were then responsible for bringing food in that would be OK for Finn.


We did order a sliced apple for Finn. He pushed almost half of it aside and said, “ewe,” as there were chunks of brown, bruised apple.


I couldn’t help but think of some of the families I met on the floor.  Some had been there weeks and would be staying weeks longer.  What if those kids had special diets? What if those families came from hours away for treatment and were staying at the hospital with their child? In addition to the day-to-day stress of being in the hospital, the stress of what lies ahead for your child, and the stress of the forthcoming bill, you are having to navigate food options. Perhaps that means running to the grocery store on a regular basis or finding a location to make real food, because as any allergy or real food parent knows, you can’t eat out of boxes and cans long-term for health.

Food. A simple piece of daily life that all the sudden becomes a major concern in a hospital, of all places. We can’t get healthy, and we certainly can’t heal quickly, when we don’t have quality nutrients pouring into our bodies.

My heart sank as I thought of all the friends and family (and YOU, as readers) who would be in such a terrible position if something like this came up. I felt sick thinking about the reality of it for people like my goddaughter who cannot eat dairy, soy, gluten, dyes, and so on. What would they do if they were 2 or 3 hours away from home for anything more than a day or 2?

I asked all of you about it on Facebook (Feb. 19) and read so many stories of things you’d already experienced. What is happening is not ok.

Thankfully, we are home and on the mend. Getting into our own house quickly changed Finn’s demeanor and the healing could officially begin.



But for all those other families, ugh.

Have you dealt with food allergies in the hospital? Real food issues? What have you done about this? What can we do about this? 


The Honest Company Review, Part 4

I’ve recently checked out a variety of additional Honest Company products and wanted to share my thoughts. Some of these are fun ones, so enjoy the reviews!

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Honest Bar Soap: While we normally use Kiss My Face bar soap, this was a nice change up. We tried the Juniper Sage and both Justin and I were pleased. That being said, I wish a bulk option were available.  I think $5 for one bar of soap is really crazy and wouldn’t buy this on a regular basis for that very reason, particularly for a bar that’s only 84% organic. bar soap


Organic Belly Balm:  With my recent announcement of Baby #3 heading our way in June, I have been using this for a few months. I’m not a religious belly balm girl, but when I get the chance in the morning (read: if I get a few minutes before Finn barges in the bathroom after I get out of the shower), I slather this on my belly, my hips and my lower back.  It’s not too greasy and has a nice, light, clean scent. I didn’t use anything regularly with Finn and Evie, so I really don’t have anything to compare it to, and really…. can anything truly stop stretch marks? Ugh. It’s a splurge, but it does make a growing belly feel slightly pampered :) belly balm

Organic Body Oil: I would invest in gallon jugs of this oil if it were possible! (Seriously, Honest, please start offering bulk items!) After a reader recommendation, I tried the body oil and will likely not use another winter moisturizer for a very long time. This is worth every cent of your Alexander Hamilton’s. I use this daily on my legs, thighs, arms, chest, back, buns, and often belly. It’s so insanely moisturizing. Yes, it is a bit greasy (it’s OIL), but it’s less greasy than say a baby oil you might be thinking of. One of my favorite Honest products for dryness.

body oil


Organic Nipple Balm: I’ve already purchased 2 jars of this in preparation for Baby Beefcake’s arrival. When I was in the hospital with Evie, the nurses brought me small (like sample size) tubes of Lanolin. Lanolin is far from crunchy and when I received the itemized bill, I noticed we were charged some astronomical price for each of these. Something like $20 for each tube. I remember gasping out loud! These 2 Honest jars will last until I’m, ya know, broken back in for nursing. (Oh geez. Am I ready for this?!?!)nipple balmOrganic Breathe Easy Rub: When the kids are congested we use rubs and essential oils on the kids feet and chest. We also use a different chest rub that is comparable in price and size.  I don’t think we could say we like one rub over the other. Certainly a good product to have on hand for the winter months. breathe rub

Deodorant: Several years ago I started looking into the link between aluminum and a lot of health concerns, including dementia. The link was too much for me to continue to mess with so I instantly started looking for a new deodorant. There were lots of misses along the way! Lots. I realized quickly the baking soda based products were not for me. They gave me a terrible rash. Every last one. Boo! (Aluminum is what prevents you from sweating, hence the reason you will not see an antiperspirant attached to an aluminum-free product.) When I use deodorant, I normally use a Tom’s aluminum-free, fragrance-free deodorant. I tried the Honest deodorant and was pleasantly surprised. (I will note, the 1st deodorant I ordered didn’t work. The spray nozzle just put out nothing. I called customer service and asked for a new nozzle to be sent. They sent an entire new product to me. The Honest customer service has always been incredible.)


Healthy Child Health World and The Honest Life: A must-have for all homes concerned about creating a healthier, safer environment for their kids!  I haven’t read either book cover to cover, but I refer to both books on a regular basis when I have questions or want guidance on a certain topic. Either option would be a great gift idea for an expecting mother.

HCHW book

honest life

Organic Shave Oil: The scent is fairly neutral, so it could be used for your man or you. I had Justin test this out to get a guys option.  He wasn’t a fan. As he said, “it confused me.” :) He “didn’t understand how to put it on.” He felt the oil-based product was too complicated for shaving. So, there’s one guy’s opinion! I tried it for my legs and felt the same. Didn’t love it, didn’t hate it, but I wouldn’t purchase it on a regular basis.  I do think it’s nice for winter months for some added moisture, but I’m not sure I’d use it year-round.

shave oil

Exfoliating Body Scrub: I have a homemade sugar scrub that I really love. It’s made with almond oil, essential oils, and organic sugar. The Honest scrub is made with a few more ingredients, so it’s a different consistency. I like the consistency, but I’m not a fan of the scent. Vanilla is really not my jam. If you’re a vanilla fan, this would be a great splurge or a great gift idea for friends or family. You feel so fancy using it!

sugar salt scrub

Zip Pouch: I bought a diaper bag with Finn, but after I slid over the “oh my gosh, what am I doing with a baby?!?!” stage, I rarely used it. I ended up finding a leather Hobo that I love and use as a diaper bag. I toss in a clutch and this zip pouch and I’m set. The pouch is honestly the perfect size once you realize how little you actually need while out and out running errands. There is plenty of room for 2-3 diapers, wipes, a mini bag with lots of goodies, snacks and Finn’s EpiPen. All of that easily fits in this non-bulky pouch

Are there other Honest products you are curious about?  Let me know as I’d be happy to try a few more products and let you know how they stack up in our house. If you’re new to Honest, one way to try the products and get a feel for what you like best is through the Honest Family Essentials Bundle.

You can choose which 5 products to order (at a discount) and, if you choose, get a 25% discount on 3 additional items. These options also make great gift ideas. The shipment normally resends every 4-6 weeks but customer service will help you extend that, if needed. Sometimes I wait 8-12 weeks between orders and customer service has never given me a hard time for that. You can change the order each shipment, too.

You do need to register before you make a purchase. <<<< —– Use this link to register and receive $10 off your first order. (The $10 coupon can be used toward a $25 minimum purchase and can’t be used on the trial memberships.)

What natural products (Honest or another company) have you tried recently and loved/hated?