Baby Steps to Better Eating: Now What?

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The more you learn, the more you pay attention to a certain topic. I’m captivated by food now, and finally in a good way! So, where do we go from here? Here is the path we are working our way through and our next steps:

Homemade Bread.The organic bread we currently buy is expensive. Additionally, it has added sugar and doesn’t have the grains I would like to see and expect to see in organic bread. I’ve found tons of homemade bread recipes with 3-8 simple ingredients. I’ve yet to find one we LOVE, but I’m determined. Do you have one you love? Please share!

Switch to whole milk or raw milk. It boils down to this: when you take the fat out of a product, like milk, you also remove the flavor. As a result, flavor is added back into low-fat and no-fat products through chemicals (or sugar). Remember the low-fat/no-fat craze in the 90′s when everyone got fatter? This is the reason. Lisa Leake does a great job breaking down this topic here and here. This is a tough one as we’ve grown accustom to the way low-fat cow’s milk tastes and because the words “full fat” tends to throw most females into a cold sweat. After I’m finished nursing Evie, this is my goal, if I go back to dairy…

Eliminate dairy. This is a little simpler for us since Finn is allergic to dairy and because I’ve cut it while nursing Evie. I love dairy, but the truth is, Americans consume far too much dairy. The dairy industry has convinced us that milk is vital to our health because of calcium and protein, but the protein and calcium found in dairy can easily be consumed with other plant-based, real foods. Additionally, humans are the ONLY mammals who drink milk from another species. Would it be weird if dogs were drinking human breast-milk? Horses drinking milk from monkeys? Same thing we do but to a cow! The more I think about this, the more grossed out I become about milk. I mean who was the first person to think, “I want to try that?!” Strange.

Taste Test. I see different fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts at the store all the time. Although we have varied what we eat largely over the last year, I get caught in a rut with the same staples. I need to re-commit to trying new items. One that Finn and I always look at when shopping is Dragon Fruit. Anyone tried this?

Go Big at Home. We have a small garden in our backyard, but every year we over-plant because we want to try so many things! Our plot will increase in size next summer. Watch out, neighborhood!

Get involved. I want to see healthy lunch options in our kids schools. I want all genetically-modified food to be labeled as such. I want food companies to be held accountable for how they market. I want truth in labeling. I want us all to use food as a health tool instead of an emotion stuffer.

There’s so much to accomplish and so many choices to make. We start by continuing to make the best choices we can for our families – especially our kids. That right there has the potential to change an entire generation and begin to reverse what has been done!

What’s next for you?



  1. Megan says

    I am loving these posts!
    I do wish I could find a good substitute for greek yogurt, though. The protein and calcium are wonderful and my toddler loves it. I buy Fage which doesn’t have hormones, but maybe I should seriously consider eliminating it entirely?

    • MyWiseMom says

      Glad you are loving them. Love the feedback, so thank you!

      Super tough! You have to do what you are comfortable doing. Maybe you cut back or have it as a “treat” instead of having it regularly. Or maybe you keep it in! Tough choices when we start getting down to specifics of what we might have to cut/change, isn’t it!?! Let me know what you end up doing!!


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