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Did you have a wonderful Easter weekend? Our weekend was crammed full of fun events, starting with a neighborhood Easter egg hunt Saturday morning.  This was the first opportunity we’ve had to meet many neighbors and what a treat! They were all so kind and wonderful. I’m even an alternate Bunko player… woo hoo!

We made it to 3p church to celebrate the true reason for the holiday weekend. Finn and Evie both did amazing! Sadly, this is the one and only family picture of the weekend. Thanks for hamming it up, Evie ;)

Easter church

Sunday morning the Easter bunny arrived with some fun new items, including UMBRELLAS!!  Now, where’s the rain?


And crazy enough, the Easter bunny made a visit to the backyard while the kids were getting dressed.  I said to Justin, “I sure hope none of the neighbor kids look out the window still believing in the Easter bunny and questioning why some tall man is throwing eggs around at 10a!!” Oops!


Evie sported her Decaf Plush Easter dress and loved it! She literally started cheering when she saw the bunnies and immediately started twirling around once dressed. Girl loves all things girly!


Finn was the clear winner of the hunt!


He was also all about getting inside quickly and checking out the loot inside the eggs!


We spent the rest of Easter Sunday with Justin’s family. His brother and mom’s best friend were in town, so it was extra special to be with the crew. It was bath night and early to bed after a long weekend of lots of activity!

Were you able to spend time with your friends and family? What was the highlight?

Fantastic Fridays

I’m starting to think I love Easter more than most holidays. I’m not sure what it is, but I’ve been giddy to make the kids Easter baskets all week! We have an Easter egg hunt this weekend at church and one Sunday morning in our backyard. Evie grabbed these glitter eggs at Target a few weeks ago. I have a feeling they will be making an appearance for some BONUS eggs out back! ;)

I hope you all will be able to spend time with your families this weekend, and you’re able to remember the reason we celebrate Easter. As Finn told me after school Wednesday, “the soldiers hung Jesus on the cross, but He LIVED!”

I hope your Easter is filled with all the sweetness you are hoping. Dive into the holiday weekend with my most fantastic online finds. Click the blue “Fantastic” link to go directly to the source page.

Fantastic Cute: There are so many reasons to love little girl clothes. The colors, the sweetness, they way they look so dang adorable! Evie received this peach for Easter and I’m dying to get it on her! Decaf Plush has sweetness down to a ‘T’ with little kids clothes. The prints and patterns are simply amazing. These items look like nothing you’ll find in a retail megahouse which I adore.

Decaf Bunnies

Their spring and summer look book has some styles that make my heart go beep-beep! That dress on the right? I die! I heart Decaf Plush!Other Decaf

Fantastic Read: The mere thought of child labor makes me sad. Add to it the thought that something – ever so small – that we might be doing could be pushing it forward makes me furious. Think again this weekend about any Easter treats you might see. Sometimes how those sweet little treats were made is unethical, at best. Take 10 minutes to read this article. I believe your thoughts about chocolate consumption will drastically change.


Fantastic Activity: How I wish I’d had something like this when Finn was little!  He and Evie both love the smaller version at the library. What a great way to occupy a child’s mind and hands while you clear dishes from breakfast!


Fantastic Calm: I’ve always loved white trim in a house. So many colors look crisp and clean when lined in white. Thankfully our new house was redone with white. This will be the color of the bathroom on our main level within the month!


Fantastic Yum: This mixes nearly all of my favorite foods into one salad! Bacon? Yum! Avocado? Yum! Tomato? Yum! Must there be more?

Avocado Corn

Fantastic Cure: One of the questions I often hear about essential oils or natural home remedies is, “what can I do about my child’s eczema?” From my experience, eczema always tends to be an inside-out issue. Something internally is going on to create an outside reaction. I struggled with eczema-like symptoms a lot in my 20s until my diet changed. I can’t tell you how many steroid creams I was prescribed. The first suggestion I always make is to address the food issue, usually dairy, gluten or refined sugar. But there are other triggers, too. Heal the gut, heal the body!


Fantastic Hair Crush: Four inches off my hair and I’m ready for more. Of course when I see adorable styles like this I want to re-grow, re-grow, re-grow…

Braid Bun

Fantastic Images: Who doesn’t love a little National Geographic? Their images are always so insanely breath-taking!

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 3.27.00 PM

Fantastic Treat: We are making these mouth-watering donuts this weekend and then promptly devouring them. I will probably make a few swaps, but holy moly… I could eat the screen!


Fantastic Truth: This is Evie to a T. Fierce and mighty and strong and brave. My kind of girl!


Fantastic Pharrell: I fell in love the first collaboration Pharrell did with Brit-Brit long ago (BOYS!!). Ever since, I’ve been a huge fan. How amazing to see people across the world dance and find joy to your song. His genuine emotion when Oprah shared clips of people dancing worldwide is so sweet.

What’s on tap for your holiday weekend? Traveling? Staying home? Easter egg hunts? Spill the beans!

Essential Oils Webinar Follow-up

Easter weekend is coming! So is the Easter bunny and all those goodie baskets. I loved so many of your responses to favorite Easter basket item. A few people said they received $20 in an egg. Whoa! That’s a golden egg! And the bubbles and the movies and the underwear! All such fun ideas for Easter baskets!

When it comes to candy, you brought back some serious memories! I’m always impressed when people actually like Peeps!I just could never get into them. Black jelly beans on the other hand… I loved those things!

That being said, let’s push away the HFCS and artificial food dyes (can you imagine for black jellies?) and give away a much better option! Ashley, it’s your lucky Easter week!

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 3.15.28 PM

Ashley, please email me at MyWiseMom at gmail dot com by noon tomorrow (Thursday) with your complete mailing address. I can’t wait to hear what you think!

***** ***** ***** 

Thank you so much for participating in the Essential Oils webinar.

Did you miss it? Do you want to could go back and watch it? It’s your lucky day!

If you missed the webinar but would like to view it, please go ahead and register. You will receive all the documents and the link to view the webinar on demand, which will be available through the end of the month for everyone registered. (For those that already registered, go ahead and use your original link.)

I’ve had the great joy of emailing back and forth with many of you this last month about lingering questions and thoughts. Let’s address some of them collectively, shall we, in case you have the same questions.



Can I receive the slide deck from the webinar?
Yes. I will be sending that out next week to anyone who has registered.

Where do I apply the oils?
As a general rule of thumb, I apply the oil to the spot that hurts. For instance, if I have a headache, I apply peppermint to my forehead, temples and the back of my neck. If the kids are congested (chest), we apply lemon directly to their chest. If my back is aching, I apply Panaway directly to my lower back. Never put oils directly in the eye or directly in the ear. If an issue is more general (sleep – Peace & Calming, immune booster – Thieves, snoring – Valor, etc.), I will apply the oil on a vitaflex point. (You can google this and find images.) When in doubt, I apply to the bottoms of my feet, behind my ears, on my wrists, or I diffuse.

How often should I apply my oils?
If we are sick or hurting, we apply the oil every 15-20 minutes until the problem starts improving. For instance, when I had strep throat, I applied Thieves every 15-20 minutes for the first day. The second day I was able to drop it back to every 30-45 minutes. The last day, every hour or so. If I am using an oil for something more general (sleeping or a germ killer), I will apply the oil just once. This would be like Peace & Calming before bed or Thieves on the kids feet before we head out and about.

What do you use or not use on your own kids from the starter kit?
I do not apply Panaway or Peppermint directly to them, although I have diffused peppermint or put a drop on their PJ’s or pillowcases when stuffy. The main oils I use from the starter kit on Finn and Evie are Peace & Calming, Valor, Lemon, Thieves and Lavender. We no longer dilute these oils on their feet or when I put lavender on Evie for an allergic reaction or to Finn for seasonal allergies or lemon on their chests for congestion. However, when Evie was younger, I diluted Thieves with coconut oil. You can use any fatty oil such as coconut oil or almond oil. When people ask the ratio, I don’t have a precise one. I usually scoop out a little coconut oil (1-2 fingertips worth) and add 1 drop of the essential oil and let it melt in my hands as I apply. My general rule of thumb is: when in doubt, dilute with kids. Diluting oils is simply going to allow the oil to go more slowly into the body.

I’m in! I bought the oils, now what? Where can I learn more?
First, congratulations!  I will be reaching out to everyone who purchased the starter kit individually in the next few weeks. If you have a question before we connect, email me! I wanted to give you time to review the materials again, order, and take a deep breath once they arrive. Whatever you do, leave them out in plain sight so you are reminded to try a new one every day. To date, the starter kit has been one of the most life changing deliveries that’s ever been made to our home.

Please feel free to ask questions and let me help point you in the right direction. If I don’t know the answer, we can dig into finding who might.

There are some excellent resources that have helped me in my journey. Three of them are:

Gentle BabiesThis book breaks down oils for pregnant women, breastfeeding moms, newborns and young children. This is a great book to have on hand if you plan on using oils with your children. 

Reference Guide for Essential OilsThis is without a doubt my “must have” for Young Living Essential Oils. The resource guide breaks down each oil and blend and also has a section for you to look up an issue and get ideas which oils might work best. Often times when people ask about an ailment, this is the first place I look. I usually just take a picture of the page in the guide and send it along, too :) Well worth the money. 

Oil Testimonials: This is a great site to look up concerns you might have and read others testimonials about what worked well for them. What I like about this site, too, is it will notify you of new testimonials on the topic you’re researching.  

What lingering questions do you have?

I hope to do more webinars in the future as you all shared such great feedback, for which I am thankful. Let the ideas flood my way if you have them!